Hello October & Sweet Maltipoo Pups!

Happy, beautiful October to you and welcome to Willowbrook Kennel’s blog!

I am so happy you have dropped by our little nook on the web and know that some of you have been longing for us to reopen the waiting list for our ever-popular Maltipoo breed!

Super, good news for you today, but first, please, check out our latest, most sweet litter of Maltipoo (Maltese x Toy Poodle) that entered the world on August 9, 2021.

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So pleased to present two, little boys and one girl who had an epic time in front of the camera this morning!

Can you tell which one was a little stinker? He did not want to sit still, not like his brother in the top photo. Ahh, we had to be quick. Very quick! He definitely has some pep in his personality and kept showing off his cute, little tongue. His adorable sister (center photo) gave us almost the same workout. She just wanted to be held so she could frantically lick my chin all clean! Of course I loved every moment of it, but it’s hard to snap the photo that way! Patience won! They posed beautifully for me . . . for you!

Yes! Each little one is spoken for . . . Sold to people on our waiting list, HOWEVER, (this is the good news) we are taking phone calls again, beginning October 26, 2021, to put in your request/deposit for this Maltese x Toy Poodle breed.

Mark your calendar! We certainly look forward to hearing from you!

Till next time, we wish you all the best!

Happy Autumn!

What an entrance to this new season! The blustery wind and rain over the last few days make me so grateful that we have a cozy kennel for our dogs. Autumn has certainly arrived here at Willowbrook!

This sweet litter of the Shih Poo breed arrived on July 21, 2021, to a pure Shih Tzu mama who was bred with a pure Mini Poodle! They make absolutely adorable little pups! We are so delighted to show off three boys and their sister!

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Each little one did extremely well for their very first photo session!

Currently, we are still making phone calls to those on our waiting list and will update you if any of these little ones are still available.

Yes, with the shorter days ahead, we agree that this is a wonderful time of year to bring home a wagging fluffball! Imagine reading a book in front of the crackling fire with one of these little ones to snuggle up with on a cold, blustery night!

We so look forward to hearing from you with any questions you may have about upcoming litters or to be put on our waiting list.

Please take note, our Maltipoo waiting list will reopen on October 26, 2021! We look forward to hearing from you then!

Happy Fall to you all!

Cutest L’il Pumpkin Patch Ever!

It’s harvest time here at Willowbrook Kennel!

Just like the dashing squirrels this time of year, you will find us scurrying around, getting everything ready for the cold season ahead. And, you will find the cutest, little pumpkins, in all of Ontario, in our patch.

alt="puppies for sale in ontario"

Take a look! These adorable, pure Shih Tzu puppies wiggled into the world on July 19, 2021! Two girls and three boys complete this healthy, happy litter.

These five, busy, wildly wagging fluffballs hardly had time to sit still for our photo session! Please take note, that the girls and one boy (sitting alone) are already spoken for! So very sorry, you can’t pick those!

That mischievous little boy is sitting alone for a reason! Believe me when I tell you that he was way too excited for us to have him sit with a sibling. Gentle, extreme close monitoring took place in order to get his sweet photo.

Just two little ones are left for the picking! Call soon! I know they won’t last long.

alt="shih tzu puppies for sale willowbrook kennel"

Also, let me draw attention to two cuties from our June 28 litter that are waiting for their forever home!

shih tzu puppies for sale in ontario

Two boys are waiting to be picked! We’ve placed a pumpkin in front of the two looking to be chosen!

Happy pickin’ from our patch and we certainly hope you enjoy this beautiful, bountiful time of the year!

One, Little Morkie and Six, Wagging Shih Tzu!

Hello and welcome! Another warm, August day has dawned here in southern Ontario and I’m so very glad you’ve stopped by our little corner of the world wide web!

Our sweet nieces and a dear nephew have been a part of the hustle and bustle at Willowbrook Kennel this week and proved very helpful during the photosession yesterday morning! 

Their eagerness to assist the  photographer was very welcome!  Especially with seven, playful, wagging tails that needed to be brushed and held back from getting underfoot! 

alt="morkie puppies for sale willowbrook kennel"

Check out this sweet Morkie girl who entered the world on June 24, 2021 to a pure Yorkie mama and a pure Maltese dad! Isn’t she beautiful?

Yes, she is spoken for!  As are all of the girls in this beautiful litter of pure Shih Tzu that arrived just four days later, on June 28, 2021! Such adorable fluffballs and you’ve got to love that pink, little tongue!!!

alt="shih tzu puppies for sale willowbrook kennel"
alt="puppies for sale willowbrook kennel"

The boys are still waiting to find their forever home.  We look forward to hearing from you so that you can bring home these little ones before the summer is officially over!

It’s been a good season and we hope to see many photos over the next few months of our puppies enjoying their new family and home!

Pickled Corn, Two Sweet Gals & Adorable Shorkies!

What a busy, whirlwind of a week here at Willowbrook Kennel!

With all the rain we had and now the bright, beaming sunshine, it is time to get out into the corn patch to slit out the little corn cobs in order to pickle them into tasty treats for the coming winter.

Our eight and ten year old nieces are spending time with us these last two weeks and they have had so much fun helping in the canning kitchen and spending time lavishing a lot of love on our adorable puppies and their mamas.

alt="shorkie puppies for sale in ontario"

These adorable Shorkies, (mama is a Shih Tzu and the father is a pure Yorkie) that arrived on May 31, 2021, are lapping up the attention of our delighted nieces. There is nothing more enjoyable than to see the girls lay on the lush lawn and have the happy pups frolicking, ears flopping and tails wildly wagging. These little ones will definitely miss the girls when they go back home.

Between looking after our sweet nieces for two weeks amidst all the bounty that needs to be picked, washed, steamed and then finally canned, AND raising these beautiful puppies for waiting families, I can say “yes, life is definitely, wonderfully full!”

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Ten Little Wagging Tails!


So happy to have you land here on our blog to catch up on the latest news here at Willowbrook Kennel!

Yes, you read that correctly! We have TEN, wildly wagging fluffballs to show off to you today!

At first glance, especially when all six are playing together, these little ones look exactly the same. Believe me, as you get to know each one, they are all uniquely different. And, oh, so gentle! They love to be cuddled!

What a joy to photograph all five girls and their one, lone brother. Both parents are pure Maltese and each one is spoken for! In fact, most of these black, button noses are leaving us this weekend. Just in time to be home for the summer holidays. Best wishes to all the waiting families!

These next four make me laugh! Such busy, curious characters! You should have seen them swarming around my ankles this morning as I was trying to get things ready for the photo session. Yes, I had to tread very softly! Apparently they like the taste of my new leather sandals and gave my toes a good washing! Thank you for doing that, little Yorkie Poos!

alt="yorkie poo puppies for sale in ontario"

Yes, three healthy boys and one sweet girl complete this wide-eyed litter that is all sold! Yay! Mama is a pure Toy Poodle and guess what their father is? Yup! You’ve guessed it . . . He’s a pure Yorkie! One perky eared boy sure takes after his dad!!! How cute is that?

What joy we have had caring for these little ones and we certainly look forward to all the families we are going to see this weekend!

Until next time, take good care!

A Sweet Maltese Boy!

For those of you that haven’t heard our good news, please take note that we have finally opened up our waiting list here at Willowbrook Kennel. Yay!!!

Each breed is now open for you to put in your request, all except for the Maltipoo (Maltese x Poodle) breed. You may check out our contact information here! So excited to hear from you!

What a fluff-ball! This handsome, pure Maltese boy arrived on March 23, 2021, and is ready to leave us now. He’s a busy, playful, wildly wagging, little one who is ready for a waiting family! We’d like to match him with his forever home! Update: now sold!

We definitely look forward to hearing from the many individuals that were turned away a year ago when we closed our waiting list due to high demand. Many working-from-home families were looking for a furry friend to join them during that time. It seemed to be the perfect time for a wagging addition. Then, after briefly reopening our wait list in October of last year, we had to close it two weeks later. It rapidly reached our capacity.

Over the last, busy eight months we have worked through that list of happy families and it looks like we can invite new requests, just as things are starting to reopen in our province.

Even though our Maltipoo list remains at full capacity we look forward to providing you with the other gentle, quality, small breeds available. You can check those out here and here.

Have a wonderful day, folks, in spite of the much needed rain!

Also, thank you for allowing me to show off this adorable Maltese boy, still waiting for that forever home!

Take care!

Toy Poodles & Sweet Malshi Have Arrived!

A cheery “Good Morning” to you from Willowbrook Kennel.

Beautiful, golden morning light is streaming through my window with the promise of yet another sunny June day! The perfect day to show off the remaining two litters from last weeks photo session!

Three boys and one, sweet girl arrived on April 17, 2021, with such beautiful colors & curly coats to choose from! All of these pure Toy Poodle pups are spoken for except for the chocolate boy at the time of writing this blog post! (We also have one Shih Tzu girl still available, check her out here). Update: now all sold!

Please call Annie (no emails) to find out more about his personality and to see if he is a complimenting match for your family and lifestyle!

We are mighty pleased to show off these Maltese x Shih Tzu (Malshi) fluffballs that arrived on April 16th. What a fun challenge to get them to look up for you . . . those tails were wagging wildly, and we saw more of their backside than their sweet faces . . . patience and time paid off in the end! Check them out!!!

alt="maltese x shih tzu puppies for sale in ontario"

Yes, that week in April was busy in our cozy nursery! Four litters arrived in two days!!! Three boys and one girl in this healthy, happy bunch. Only one boy left! Call soon, if you are interested! Update: now all sold!

You are right, there are a lot of little ones to care for but this is what we love to do! Each little one is most happy to lay back in our arm and to have their wee belly rubbed!

I know these little ones will fill each home they go home to with a sparkling joy that spills over to each one living there or entering it. Definitely something to look forward to for the people waiting on their chosen one.

That’s it for today! We look forward to answering any questions you may have or to book an appointment for you to view our available pups! Our contact information can be found here.

Enjoy this warm June day!

Good News!!!

There is no better way to start the weekend than with some good news! Exciting news, in fact, from Willowbrook Kennel!

Our waiting list that was firmly closed is wide open once again! Finally!!! All breeds are open except for our ever-popular Maltipoo breed. That waiting list remains closed until further notice!

alt="yorkie puppies for sale in ontario"

For the first time, in a long time, we finally have some pups that are still looking for their forever home!

Check out these pure Yorkies that arrived on April 16, 2021! Two boys and three girls complete this sweet, adorable litter! All have been chosen by people on our waiting list except for the boy sitting in the top photo, on the left hand side. Call quickly, I know he won’t last long! Update: now sold!

April 16, 2021, was definitely a busy day in our cozy nursery with the infloor heating. Not that we need it much in this beautiful weather, but we did welcome three, healthy, wagging Malshi pups! Mom is a Shih Tzu and the father is a pure Maltese. The little girl is already spoken for leaving the boys available for you to choose from!

Update on June 15, 2021, only the boy on the bottom left is still available. Update: now sold!

alt="malshi puppies for sale in ontario"

Finally we have some to show off to you that are not already sold! It’s such a joy to have these available to a waiting family! We certainly look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have regarding the difference in the breeds we have available.

Please, stay tuned! There are more photos to come next week!

Sweet Morkies!

Welcome! So good to have you here on our blog!

Each one of us here at Willowbrook Kennel is very pleased to introduce you to this beautiful spring-born Morkie litter! Check out those adorable faces!

Mama is a pure Yorkie and a handsome, pure Maltese is the other half that makes up this sweet litter of five born on April 2, 2021! Four bouncing boys and one sweet girl are almost ready to leave us.

These little ones were photographed last week along with the Shih Poo and Maltipoo litters that were introduced . . . We did need to have the waiting families come out this past Saturday to make their final selection before we posted them! Yes, each wagging Morkie posted today will have a forever home!

Thank you so much for supporting us with your confidence in providing Ontario with quality, beautiful, sweet-natured, small breed dogs! We love what we do!

Until next time, we wish you a wonderful day!