Dashing Through The Snow . . . With Maltipoo Puppies

Happy December to you!

It’s such a thrilling time of year!  Waiting for the first, heavy snow to muffle the hustle and bustle of our lives by forcing us to take things a little more slow . . . To take time to reflect on the meaning of life and to hold our families a little more close.

There are some pretty excited families waiting to bring their Maltipoo puppy home into their circle of family and love this Christmas season.alt="toy poodle x maltese puppies for sale in ontario"These four, healthy, (two chunky and two petite) happy boys were welcomed with joy on October 11, 2017.  Their Toy Poodle mama and pure Maltese dad are mighty pleased with their offspring.

Although they are not available, we do want to show off their cuteness to the families that are waiting for them and to our many readers.

Willowbrook Kennel wishes you all the wonder and joy this month and season has to offer!


Maltipoo Sweetness For You!

Our three Maltipoo puppies were such a delight on this cold, and very drizzly-wet morning . . . So cuddly and soft that we wanted to share their sweet faces with you!

Three boys were happily welcomed by their Toy Poodle mama and their pure Maltese dad . . . and of course, by all of us here at Willowbrook Kennel!alt="willowbrook kennel puppies for sale"They definitely preferred being held and snuggled over posing for a photo session.  Most of the time was spent gently placing them back in the cute bucket, placing their tiny paws over the edge . . . after they had jumped out yet again.  These little fluff-balls only give us a second of their attention in the proper pose so we need to be very quick to push that shutter at just the right time!  Patience is the answer!

All have been happily chosen by their new family and will be home for Christmas!  I am so excited for each family.

Thank you for choosing Willowbrook Kennel!  We wish you the best as you bring a new addition home to your family!

Two Happy Updates For Our Readers!

Four years ago, a sweet Malshi left Willowbrook with her new family!  We received these photos and update on how little Sadie is doing.alt=Her family writes this “happy update“:

“We brought Sadie home with us August 30th, 2013.  She is 4 years old now and still such a happy little pup! Sadie loves to go on adventures, but loves cuddling at home just as much. She is a very happy girl and definitely still the little princess of the house!”alt="Willowbrook Kennel reviews"What a cutie!  Thank you so much for sharing Sadie with us!

Up next, we have a cute little “teddy bear” . . . or that’s what people call this little Shorkie that just celebrated her first birthday!  Her family sent us these photos and latest news:

alt="willowbrook kennel reviews ontario"This is Sami at 8 weeks old. Today she turned 1, she was born  October  3  2016. She is a beautiful, playful, happy and very mischievous girl.  She has turned a gorgeous tan colour  and weighs about 11.5 pounds.  We are always getting stopped by people who think she looks like a little teddy  bear. We would recommend Willowbrook Kennel .  I guarantee you won’t be able to leave without a puppy.  THANK YOU,  WILLOWBROOK!”

Thank you so much for sending us this wonderful update and also for the recommendation.  We love what we do and take great care and pride in providing you and other Ontarians  with quality, small breed dogs.

Have a most wonderful day!

Our Sweet Shih Poo Puppies!

Willowbrook is very proud to present these Shih Tzu x Poodle puppies that were welcomed with joy on August the 4th.alt="shih tzu poodle puppies for sale at Willowbrook Kennel"Two, sweet girls sat happily for their photo session this past Wednesday . . . posing for their new families who have just chosen them.  Yes, they are sold and we are so thrilled for the new owners.

Do we have anything available at all?  Yes!  We do have two Maltipoo puppies (one boy on the bottom, and one girl on the top left) waiting to be chosen in our August 17th litter.  Our previous two litters of this breed are happily sold! The waiting list has been called.  Sometimes a family on the list will fall in love with another dog or breed from us because they don’t want to wait as long, or they decide to wait a while longer before bringing a little one home . . . allowing us to list these as available . . . which is really nice for you because this does not happen very often for our Maltese cross litters.alt="Willowbrook Kennel puppies"Call soon!  They won’t last long! We look forward to hearing from you!

Have a wonderful day!

Maltipoo Pups & Happy Updates!

Yes, we are still making calls on our waiting list for our beautiful Maltipoo litters that arrived in August!

This adorable litter of two girls (sitting together) and one boy happily arrived on August 17, 2017.  The girls were so curious during their photo session whereas their brother was definitely a little more shy!  He kept wanting to bury his head.  Thankfully he peeked out for you!

alt="Willowbrook Kennel puppies"

We are happy to say we have enough families on our waiting list to find a home for both Maltipoo litters photographed last week and have one boy (bottom photo) and the top left girl available in this litter.  Please call soon!  They will not last long!

And now . . . It’s time for some more “Happy Updates” from our wonderful customers.

What is so neat about today’s update is that I have two families that send in their photos recently . . . and believe it or not, they are both little Morkies from the same litter born on June 6th of this year!  How exciting is that?

First off, we would like to share photos sent to us from the Macdonald family.  They write:

“Our sweet little girl Marley was born on June 6th this year. She was a ginger when we got her, then after her first hair cut she was a blonde! She’s such a sweet little thing, and she rules our house and our hearts!!”

Thanks so much for these photos.  We are thrilled she is such a sweet addition to your home!

Check out her adorable brother, Bruno, who lives with the Majowicz family.  They sent in this photo and write:

“Bruno (June 6th male morkie) is adjusting well to farm life!  He particularly likes playing fetch and chasing crickets. We love this little fluffy, fun guy!!”


Thanks so much for the update!  He looks like he can run and run in his new “backyard”.  I’m so glad you get to see Bruno’s sister too.

Please enjoy more photos and updates here.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading our blog!



Our August Arrivals!

The beginning of August was a joy-filled time as Willowbrook welcomed three, sweet litters of Maltipoo puppies.

Born on August 1, 2017, the first litter was happily welcomed by their pure Mini Poodle mama and pure Maltese dad.  Two boys (sitting together) and one sweet girl complete this litter.

alt="puppies for sale at Willowbrook Kennel in Ontario"Just five, short days later we welcomed a second, whopping litter of Maltipoo puppies . . . this time there were three, bouncing boys and two, happy girls.MaltipooAug6LogoBy the time we are finished calling our waiting list, each of these little ones will have found a home and family that has fallen in love with them.  This also goes for the third litter that was born on August 17th.  We are still waiting for them to grow a bit more before photographing them.

If you wish to be placed on our waiting list, please check out our contact page.  We thank you kindly for your interest in our puppies.

Enjoy this beautiful day!

So Proud To Present Our Sweet Morkies!

What a beautiful September morning in our cozy corner of Southern Ontario.

Willowbrook is very proud to show off these sweet Morkie girls that wiggled into the world on July 27, 2017! Their mama is a pure Yorkie and the proud father is a pure Maltese.

These little ones proved to be very patient during their photo session this morning.  Some equipment was malfunctioning and they happily sat waiting . . . uncomplaining . . . enduring the passing of time . . . only to discover a repair was needed resulting in no more photos for the day.

Thankfully, we did manage to get this photo taken before the malfunction.  Aren’t they the sweetest?

alt="puppies for sale at Willowbrook Kennel"

So happy to announce that they both have been chosen by their forever family!

Thank you so much for your interest in our puppies!

Have a wonderful day!