Meet Our Sweet Maltipoo Litter!

It’s definitely been a wet, grey, dreary start to this year but let me assure you, these little ones will brighten your day. They certainly are a delight to us here at Willowbrook Kennel!

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Wiggling into the world on November 24, 2022, we are most proud to present our Maltipoo litter that consists of two, sweet boys and two little gals. Mama is a pure, Toy Poodle who was bred with one of our pure Maltese! She’s been feeding them so well and they have grown by leaps and bounds in the last seven weeks.

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We are delighted to show off these photos to the families that have already chosen one from this litter. Yes, they are almost sold out! Both girls and one boy are spoken for leaving one, ever-so-sweet boy available! He’s the one sitting on the top, right-hand side beside his brother, and we also captured him alone for you in our first photo! (Now sold!)

This morning, just before his photo session, he lay back on my lap while I gently brushed his downy-soft fur. Such a trusting, sweet fellow, belly up, savoring the attention! He didn’t even flinch while I ever-so-carefully trimmed his round eyes with the dog-grooming scissors. This fluffball is really something special and did so well posing for you on the soft pile of blankets! Yes, you do get to choose a blankie to take home with your new pup. They are made with love for each wagging tail!

The Maltipoo breed does sell very quickly so if you have been looking into bringing one into your home, now is your chance! One boy available out of four in this litter. Call soon! He will not last long. Don’t fret though, we do have two Yorkie Poodle boys available and a couple of pure Maltese from our last litter. (Now sold!)

Each little one is health checked by a vet, given their first shots and have been dewormed. We also send along their documentation of the vaccination and an adorable, soft blanket! Puppy food can also be purchased here at the time of pickup so that you have everything you need to get started!

We certainly look forward to hearing from you and I hope we brightened up your day!

Welcome & Happy New Year from Willowbrook!

A wonderful, healthy, happy New Year from our wagging kennel to each of you!

I always love the fresh start of a New Year . . . when we close the calendar of the old year and hang the new! I really wonder what this year will hold! I pray for peace, health and for many homes to discover the wonder of a new, wagging addition to the family!

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First up, to start the year of 2023 off, we have a couple of cuties that are the last in their litter to be placed. Check out the first photo posted.

He’s an adorable Shih Poo boy, the last available, from our September 5, 2022 litter. He’s having so much fun romping around with two Shih Poo boys from our October 1, 2022 litter. Those two will be leaving us soon (being adopted together, how wonderful) and we hope that this playful boy will be chosen soon so he doesn’t have to feel alone after they leave! He has his first and second set of shots (yay, for you) and is receiving his rabies shot this upcoming Monday.

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Meet our waiting Malshi boy! (Now sold!) Born on October 12, he has two siblings that have already been chosen by their forever family! Mama is a pure Shih Tzu bred with a pure Maltese. He’s an absolute sweetheart! He’s definitely a cuddler and that pink, little tongue kept reaching out to lick our photographer’s hand during the photo session yesterday morning.

Yes, he has his first set of shots and will receive his second set of shots this upcoming Monday! Feel free to contact us to book an appointment or if you have any questions about these two, amazing boys!

Last, but definitely not least, I am introducing you to this amazing litter of Yorkie Poodles! (Now sold!)

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One, little boy and his sweet sister arrived safe and sound on November 9, 2022. Mama is a pure Toy Poodle who was bred with a pure Yorkie! These two will be vet checked, dewormed, given their first shots, just like all of the pups leaving our kennel!

We are ready to take your phone calls to book an appointment to view these happy, healthy pups!

So pleased you have taken the time to check out our blog and Willowbrook Kennel wishes you and your family all the very best in this coming New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

Merry Christmas From Willowbrook Kennel!

With the snow swirling around our windowpane on this stormy Friday morning, Willowbrook Kennel wishes you all a warm, blessed, tail-wagging Christmas!

We would love to show off this soft, ever-so-sweet Maltese litter that was a delight to photograph yesterday morning.

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Wiggling into the world on October 26, 2022, pure Maltese mama who was bred with a wonderful, pure Maltese, welcomed her whopping litter consisting of two, handsome boys and four, yes, FOUR button-nosed girls.

What a wonderful gift to give your family this year. Each little one will be ready to come home with you at the beginning of the New Year, with their first set of shots, deworming and a completed health check by a vet.

If you are looking to bring one home this weekend yet, just in time for a Christmas surprise, we do have adorable Shih Poo available, that are old enough to leave us now. They love being held and having their belly rubbed!

If you’ve been planning a new addition to your family, these little ones are ready, just in time to be forever home with you, to snuggle with you around the Christmas tree! We are happy to answer any questions you may have or to give you more information by contacting us here.

In the meantime, while they wait for their forever home, they are enjoying the warm, in-floor heating and running around with other wagging tails.

It’s been a really wonderful year! So good! So blessed! Willowbrook has so much to be thankful for and we have really enjoyed being a part of bringing wagging joy to so many homes!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Coming Home for the Holidays!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere we go! Spicy gingerbread cookies, twinkling lights and boughs of evergreen and holly! Yes, it is the most wonderful time of year, and these two puppies really want to be home for the holidays!

alt="malshi puppies for sale in ontario"

Willowbrook Kennel is so pleased to present this ever-so-sweet Malshi breed that arrived on October 12, 2022! They certainly seemed to enjoy the festive display set up for them this morning for their very first photo session.

These energetic bundles of joy have a very friendly Shih Tzu mama who was bred with a Maltese. Mama is very proud of her two girls and one boy and is looking after them so well! Call us if you’re interested in one of these little ones! (One girl is already spoken for!)

Our Maltipoo litter is also adorable! Check them out!

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Four cuties arrived on October 22, 2022 to a Toy Poodle Mama who was bred with a pure, Maltese male! Those two certainly create the most adorable button-nosed, round-eyed wagging pups and know they will be so loved.

We will definitely let you know if any of these Maltipoo are still available after the waiting families have finished their selections. Sometimes, those on the waiting list are waiting for a certain color and gender and choose to wait on the next litter.

There is still one, adorable Shih Poo available from our October 1, 2022 litter. You can check that cutie out here.

What fun we have with these little ones and I can’t think of a better gift for your family than to bring the joy of a puppy into your home this holiday season.

Please call us on Monday through Saturday at 519-664-0645 for further information or if you have any questions! Can’t wait to assist you in bringing home a puppy for the holidays!

Sweet Shih Poo Boys & A Happy Update!

Hello and a hearty welcome to Willowbrook Kennel’s blog!

What a joy to show off these ever-so-cute, fluffballs to you this week!

Wiggling into the world on October 1, 2022, these boys are a cross between a pure Shih Tzu and a Toy Poodle, making them one of our most gentle, loveable breeds.

Each fluff ball seemed to enjoy having their soft coat brushed to a high shine in preparation for their photo session and were oh, so shy, on the photo set at first. They certainly warmed up well in spite of the lights and new surroundings. I’m so proud of them!

Yes, it brings us such happiness to give so many homes in one of our quality, small breed pups. The Shih Poo definitely has brought many a family that added joy and we are delighted to share a “happy update” with you!

Meet Pippa! A beautful Shih Poo!

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“We are sending along a picture of Pippa (our Shih Poo), one year of age (born November 5, 2021).  She has been a wonderful addition to our family.  So cute, and smart – she loves everyone! Our little girl is the light of our lives every single day!

Thank you Willowbrook!   

The Olson’s

PS – She still loves the blanket you gave her when we picked her up.   She has it in the picture!”

Thank you, kindly, for showing off your beautiful Pippa and for giving us this update! So happy she still loves her blankie and we can definitely see that she is loved and that she lights up your lives with those round eyes! She’s posing perfectly, there on the bed, for us!

It’s a such thrill to receive these notes, so feel free to browse through our other “happy updates” and see what previous customers have to say about their wagging tail!

Thanks so much for your interest in Willowbrook Kennel! Please call if you’re interested in bringing home one of these boys!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Mid-Week Puppies!

Happy Wednesday to all our dog-loving readers from Willowbrook Kennel!

What a glorious November morning to take a drive through the rural parts of Waterloo Region for another fun photo session with this absolutely adorable Shih Poo litter.

alt="shih tzu x poodle puppies for sale in ontario"

Busy Mama is a Shih Tzu who was bred with a Toy Poodle who welcomed these five on September 5, 2022!

I can’t believe how they much these cuties grew in just one week. It was planned to have their photos taken last week but that was halted since I thought they needed one more week to fluff out a bit more. That was the perfect decision.

It really is amazing how alert and cuddly they are. Lots of puppy kisses from this litter, and I am so proud of how they interacted with me in front of the camera. No worries, please! There was a spot checker with these wiggly pups. In fact, hands are mostly on them except for a few seconds when the camera is clicked.

The two girls are already spoken for, as is the prim and proper boy posing outside of the bucket. He did surprising well, without the support!

The remaining two, button-nosed, round-eyed Shih Poo boys will not last long. Call soon, if you are interested.

Yes, they are vet-checked, dewormed and have their first shots!!! You will receive the health record and also a photo of this litter.

Before you call, I have a few updates for you!

The Shih Poo boy has found a home! Yay! So excited for the family that picked him up this afternoon! Best wishes for your first night together!

In addition to that, our Maltipoo girl (on top) is sold from the August 17th litter, so is the boy on the bottom, right, and the darkest Malshi from that same blog post is also now spoken for.

Thanks so much for stopping by here, mid-week, and for allowing us to show off these beautiful, quality, small breed dogs!

Have a wonderful, rest of the week!

A Wagging Tail to Heal the Heart!

Yesterday’s photo session was pleasantly interrupted by a puppy pick up.

This wasn’t our usual pick up though. The customer walking through our door here at Willowbrook had no idea she was being gifted a wagging heart until one minute before she was escorted through our entrance. To say she was surprised is an understatement!

alt="Yorkie Poodle puppies for sale in Ontario"

These adorable, ever-so sweet Yorkie Poodles, right in the middle of a photo session, were scooped off the set and tucked into our photographer’s arms as we all watched the beautiful scene unfold.

“Oma” as we will call her had recently lost her much loved, 16-year-old, Maltipoo named Milo. Schnauzer, the dog at home, also missed Milo! The whole family decided Oma needed another pup! A dear granddaughter came to choose the little one, who actually resembles the oh-so-missed Milo, and the rest of the family gathered everything needed to get ready for the wee one.

“Opa” had a twinkle in his eye as the wagging Maltipoo boy was introduced to Oma. He told her to leave the pup here if she didn’t want another one. Little Maltipoo licked up her salty tears and seemed to know he was right where he belonged. Pup never left her arms and happily drove off to his new home!

Ah, it was beautiful to watch! We know this wee one won’t ever replace Milo in your heart but know your heart will grow more large. I certainly hope you keep us updated on how little Maltipoo is doing!

alt="puppies for sale in ontario"

Now, back to the photo session! Since these two waited so patiently, we gave them extra attention. One photo in the crate and one showing off a little more fur!

Let me tell you about the boy! He is oh-so-sweet! So affectionate. If you’re looking for sweet puppy kisses from a gentle soul, look no further. He’s from our July 2, 2022 litter and he’s going to be the most loyal friend anyone can ever have. If our photographer didn’t already have a pup (from us, of course) she would be taking this little boy home!

And the sweet Yorkie Poodle girl? Her good mama is a pure Yorkie bred with a red, Toy Poodle, and gave birth on July 17th. See the red highlights come through? They are really visible in the first photo. She’s a pure joy to behold! Watching those ears take a life of their own makes you laugh out loud! Update: she’s now happily sold!

These two are ready to leave us now! Yes, they have their first AND second set of shots, have been vet checked and dewormed! The health records are ready and as always, we send you home with a photo of the whole litter.

maltipoo puppies for sale in ontario

These two gals are the only ones left of our huge litter of Maltipoo pups. You can check out the whole litter here. Update: these two are now happily sold!

Please call us directly at 519-664-0645 if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment to bring home one of these small breed dogs.

They certainly do become a part of your family, heart and home! And are so very much missed when they are gone!

Will You Love Me?

A wonderful, good day to you from Willowbrook Kennel!

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My home is cozy here, with in-floor heating, they tell me. I had a wonderful time since my birth on July 8, 2022. Caring nieces and nephews of this place spent their summer holidays playing with me and my siblings.

I miss my four siblings who left me for their wonderful, forever homes now. You can check out the photos from us when we were smaller here. Please scroll down in that blog post where you see our cute faces!

The photographer from yesterday’s photo session took this updated photo for you. I heard her telling Annie, the friendly owner here, that this little boy isn’t going to be here long. I think she was talking about me. She said I am gentle, affectionate and will be so very loyal. She looked deep into my round eyes and said this will be the perfect lap dog for someone.

She is right! I will love you for as long as I am alive and will always wag my tail for you and wash your face with my little, pink tongue.

Hoping to find my forever home soon! Please call 519-664-0645 for further information! Update: Happily, sold!

Oh, one more thing! I am very healthy too, vet checked, have received my first AND second set of shots, and am dewormed! Ready to leave . . . today, if you want!

Hope to see you soon!

Much love from me, a pure, little Shih Tzu boy!

Maltipoo & Malshi Cuties!

Hello! Welcome to Willowbrook Kennel‘s blog! We are so happy you are here after a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend!

Check out these cuties that were photographed just yesterday morning!

alt="maltipoo puppies for sale in ontario"

It is so exciting to actually have Maltipoo puppies that are available to you!!! No waiting list!!! One, sweet girl (on top) and two boys in this healthy litter that was arrived on August 17, 2022. There are still a few available from a previous litter too. Check out those cuties by clicking here.

Our curious, energetic Malshi litter also arrived in the late summer . . . August 14, 2022, to be exact! Four boys and one, little gal are busy playing, growing, and finally weaned from their Shih Tzu mama. She was bred with a pure Maltese and they sure make adorable fluffballs.

alt="puppies for sale at willowbrook kennel ontario"

As you can see, the sweet gal pictured on top is already spoken for, as are the boys on the bottom. We have two, fun characters waiting for their forever home, sitting in the middle!

Each little one is health checked by a vet, given their first shots and deworming!

Please call with any questions you may have about the difference between these two breeds and we can help you choose the best fit for your family!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

If you have a few extra minutes to spare, feel free to check out our happy updates here!

October Blessings!

A bountiful harvest, glorious Autumn weather, leaves turning crimson, family gatherings and adorable Maltipoo puppies . . . These are just a few of our October blessings!

Check out our latest Maltipoo blessings!

alt="maltipoo puppies for sale at willowbrook kennel"

Yes, they are absolutely adorable and Willowbrook Kennel is very pleased to introduce you to this healthy litter of Maltipoo puppies that arrived during the summer of 2022! So grateful for the two boys and four girls that bring such joy inside our nursery. Yes, there are three available. The boy, in the middle photo of the first set, and the girl beneath him, in addition to the last girl pictured in the next set.

Each little one is health inspected by a vet, who checks them from the tip of their button nose to the end of their wagging tail. They will leave here having their first shots, deworming, and also have small kibble sized, very healthy puppy food available for purchase.

Only a few Yorkie Poodles still available from our July litters! You can check those out here and here!

We certainly look forward to your phone calls and inquiries about our available puppies or to be placed on our waiting list!

There is so much to be thankful for and Willowbrook would like to say “Happy Thanksgiving to you all!”