Birthday Girl Snuggles With Our Shorkie Puppies!

We have the most beautiful litter of Shorkie puppies to show you!

Born on January 3, 2018, these beautiful Shorkies (three girls and one boy) loved the attention and snuggles lavished on them by this lovely, 12-year-old, niece of mine.  Her visit to Willowbrook Kennel was a birthday gift from me (I’m Willowbrook’s photographer) since she absolutely loves animals.  Especially “baby” animals!There are still dear families to call on the waiting list so I can’t tell you at this exact moment which little ones will be available or if they will be all spoken for.alt="shorkie puppies for sale in Ontario"In the mean time, we do know that there are two boys available in our Toy Poodle litter.  Please call soon!  We know that they won’t last long.  The black girl and the boy with the lightest face have already been claimed by their forever family!  The two on the left are patiently waiting!  🙂  ToyPoodlesDec24wssBest wishes in your search and have a wonderful day!

Pure TOY POODLE Puppies FOR SALE In Ontario

It was a spring-like day in our beautiful part of Ontario today!  The constant drip, drip of melting snow from our mid-winter thaw had me dodging the big drops as I ran into Willowbrook Kennel for an exciting photo session.

I brought along my animal-loving niece to celebrate her twelfth birthday.  Yes, I took her out of school for this enriching, educational experience.  When she grows up she wants to look after animals . . . maybe even become a vet.alt="puppies for sale at Willowbrook Kennel"I knew this latest litter of Toy Poodle puppies would thrill her.  Four precious little ones were born on December 24, 2017.  Three boys (sitting together) and one black girl complete this healthy, energetic litter.  The black girl and the boy with the lightest face are both spoken for.alt="toy poodle puppies for sale in ontario"Thank you so much Willowbrook for allowing me to bring my niece to cuddle with your little pups.  “This was the best gift you could give me!”

Please stay tuned for more photos that were taken of another adorable litter today.  Next week we will be showcasing those!  There are calls being made to the waiting list for all those pups . . . so we cannot post them until we have given those patient people a chance to claim one as their own.

In the mean time . . . if you’re after an adorable Toy Poodle, please give us a call since we have two boys available.  There is still one little Yorkie Poo girl available.  You may check her out here.

Thank you so much for stopping by our blog!

A Few Happy Updates For You!

What a beautiful, snowy day!!!

I am finally getting caught up on all those beautiful photos our dear customers have sent us here at Willowbrook Kennel.  A big “THANK YOU” to each of you!  We love to see how your puppy has grown!

A quick side note . . . before we get into those updates, please note we only have two Yorkie Poodles available and one little Malshi girl.

Up first we have “Moose”.  He is a pure Shih Tzu who was born at the beginning of 2017 and lives locally in Waterloo, Ontario.  He is definitely a happy fluff-ball, full of spunk, character, and he has successfully completed puppy training! Isn’t he adorable?

Secondly, we have a “Happy Update” from one of our sweet Peekapoo puppies.  Our customer writes:

“We got our wonderful puppy from you in June 2017.  We absolutely love her to pieces.”alt="reviews for willowbrook kennel"So many adorable photos!  Shown next, we have a Yorkie Poo.  “We just wanted to send you an update on our sweet little Yorkie Poo girl “Bear” born on April 17, 2017.   She has been such a wonderful addition to our family. We couldn’t love her more!! She is full of energy and  affectionate to everyone she meets.  This weekend she even had her first Christmas pictures taken!  Thank you so much!”

alt="reviews for Willowbrook Kennel in Ontario"Here is another email we received:

“Hi Annie, we picked up the little, male puppy on Saturday, Jan 13th at 9 am.  He is so smart . . . as of Monday he was going on his puppy pad on his own.  We call him Santino. Went to the Vet yesterday, all good, checked out as very healthy, no concerns.  We are so happy.  He was a little shy at first but now is running and playing with his toys and loves to cuddle.  Will keep you updated and when he is a little older will send you a picture.   He is eating and drinking well too, and our grandson just loves him.”

Aw, I’m so glad that things are going well with your new puppy!  Thanks for sending us that note.  We would definitely love to see photos of him when he’s grown a little more.

Continuing on.  These beautiful Shelties left us five years ago!!!  Yes, you read that correctly!  Up next we have an update from dogs that left us years ago.  “Hi Willowbrook, Teddy & Ruby are now 5 years old. We got them at the end of June 2013 . . . born on Feb. 6th.  Just to show you how they are doing:  Little Ruby was a favourite of a little girl at Willowbrook, called Katrina.  Thank you, we love them.” 

You are so very welcome!  Thank you kindly for showing off your five-year-olds!

5th Birthday

It’s a long post already . . . Do you have time to see anymore?  Awesome!  I was hoping you would!  Actually, Mike sent these photos to us from his phone, saying “Hi!  Some pics of Maverick!”  This technology is definitely handy . . . And, we get to pass along all these photos to our readers too!

And there you have it!  Our latest “Happy Updates!”  We thank each of you for sharing the joy of your life with us!

Have a wonderful day!

Our Pure SHIH TZU Puppies Have Made Their Arrival!

Good afternoon from Willowbrook Kennel!  What a beautiful, crisp, sunny day in Southern Ontario!

It was the perfect morning to stay warm inside, cuddle with these incredibly gentle pups, and photograph these beautiful, pure Shih Tzu that happily entered the world on December 15, 2017.

Two boys (happily sitting together) and one, little girl complete this litter.  The girl is already spoken for and the boy with darkest face has also been chosen! (Update: all sold!)alt="Shih Tzu puppies for sale in Ontario"That girl is such a cutie!  She just loved laying back in my hand as I held her close a while before reluctantly letting her go back to her mama.  They still need to grow a bit before they are allowed to leave us.  The vet will also check over each little one to make sure they are completely healthy and ready to go.

Thank you so much for allowing us to show off our adorable Shih Tzu!

For those wondering, we also have two Yorkie Poo girls available and one Malshi girl.  Please contact us Monday through Saturday between 1:00 and 5:00 for any inquiries.

Have a wonderful day!


Maltese + Shih Tzu = Absolute Sweetness

Oh boy, our Malshi puppies are some of the softest little fluff balls you can get in a puppy.

When you cross a pure Maltese and a pure Shih Tzu, you get one of our most wanted and requested breeds.

Here they are!  Photos were taken just last week but we needed to make some calls on our waiting list before showing them off to the public.  alt="maltese x shih tzu puppies for sale at Willowbrook Kennel"They wiggled into the world on December 2, 2018 with three bouncing boys and two girls completing the litter.  Each one has his or her own unique markings and personality!

We can’t wait to hear how much joy they bring to their new families, once they leave us here at Willowbrook Kennel.  We’d love to add your story to our “happy udates” page and share it with our readers and customers.

Shorkie & Yorkie Poo PUPPIES Available!

A cheery “Good Day” to all our readers!

These wiggly pups had just been fed breakfast when I arrived at Willowbrook to photograph them for their first photo session.  Completely satisfied, their tummies full, I helped wash their little mouths so they could look their best for you.

The Shorkies (Yorkie mom and Shih Tzu dad) born on December 5, 2017 were really lazy after their breakfast and just wanted to curl up and sleep.  After a bit of coaxing, they did perk up for us.  Here they are:  two sweet boys (sitting together) and three adorable girls.  alt="shih tzu x yorkie puppies for sale in Ontario"One boy has already been chosen.

On December 2, 2017 we happily welcomed two little girls (sitting together) and three boys in our Yorkie Poo litter.  Take a look!

alt="Yorkie x Poodle Puppies for sale in Ontario"

The three boys on the bottom just wanted to cuddle together.  Most of the time they were just all blending into one big ball of fur.  Our small brown-colored boy has already been loving chosen!  The rest are available!  Please call us if you want more information or if you’d like to book an appointment.

We also have one, black Shih Poo boy and two Peekapoo boys available.

Happy Choosing!

Happy New Year From Willowbrook Kennel!

Good morning and a joyous, happy New Year to all our customers, friends, family and readers!  What a beautiful winter we are having!WinterFeast.jpgIt has been so nice to spend time with family and friends over the Christmas season and we are refreshed and renewed to enter the New Year with energy.  It certainly takes time, love and commitment to provide Ontario with these adorable, small breed pups that become a real part of your family!

November was a real busy month for us in the nursery and we are very pleased to show off our latest breeds that are ready to be chosen.  We have Maltese, Peekapoo, and Shih Poo puppies to present to you today!

First off, let’s show you our adorable, laid back Peekapoo litter that was born on November 15, 2017.  There are 3 boys (sitting together) and 2 girls in this sweet litter and we are still making calls to the people on our Pekingese x Poodle waiting list.  Stay tuned to see which are still available.alt="puppies for sale in Ontario at Wiillowbrook Kennel"Our Maltese litter wiggled into the world on November 18, 2017 with one very alert, bright boy and a very sweet, shy girl (on the left)!  Each pup you see posted here has his or her own unique personality.  How fun is that!  Both are spoken for!alt="maltese puppies for sale in Ontario"The very last litter for today is our whopping Shih Poo (Shih Tzu x Poodle) litter born on November 13, 2017.  There are 3 girls and 2 boys in this curly-coated litter.   At the time of the photo session, there were 2 boys and 1 brown, little girl still available.  Please call soon if you’re interested.  Our contact info can be found here.Thank you so much to each of our readers and customers.  We value our dog-loving customers, readers, and friends.

Happy New Year from Willowbrook Kennel!