Maltipoo Joy!

It is with great joy that Willowbrook announces the safe and healthy arrival of a sweet litter of Maltipoo puppies born on March 20, 2017.  Miniature Poodle mama and Maltese dad are mighty pleased with their two girls and one boy.

Mama is taking very good care of them and she so generously allowed me to borrow her wee ones from her care so that we could take their first puppy portraits.  I will tell you though, mama did let us know she thought it was taking a bit too long, so we tried to hurry and return them as soon as possible.  Aren’t they adorable?  The boy on the bottom seems to be saying “Are we about done yet?  I want to get back to my mama!”alt=We can’t wait to call our patient customers on the waiting list to let them know their Maltipoos are soon ready.

We look forward to placing them into loving homes where they will be cherished.  I guarantee you that they will bring a lot of love, wet kisses, and joyful laughter.

Take a look at the beautiful photos and note Stacey sent us:

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“Hello,  Just wanted to send a quick ‘Happy Update’ on the Malshi puppy we brought home to our family last July.  Rocky celebrated his first birthday today and is a happy, healthy puppy who brings lots of joy to our family.  He lost his dark brown colouring but is still a cute little guy.  Thanks Willowbrook!”

Thank you so much for that update and the beautiful photos, Stacey.  Rocky is absolutely adorable!  We have added Rocky to our “Happy Updates” page and for those wondering who have also sent in their photos to us, we will be adding four more updates next week!

Shorkie Puppies Have Arrived!

On yet another warm, wet spring morning, I found myself driving through the winding roads of Wilmot Township to Willowbrook Kennel.  The fresh, new grass bursting with that bright green colour that only comes with spring, seemed to brighten the dull grey of the sky.  It’s hard not to love my job and I was excited to photograph a litter of puppies that were still much too small to hold the last time I was there.

Shorkie puppies were on the agenda today and I was happy to meet three bouncing boys and their one sister who wiggled into the world on March 16, 2017.  As I was setting up my equipment, the phone rang.  It was an inquiry about this breed and when might they be able to see a photograph of them.  Excellent timing!

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Here they are!  A mighty fine, good looking litter from our pure Yorkie mama and our pure Shih Tzu dad.  They seem to be mighty pleased with their little ones and mama is really protective of them . . . as she should be.  Briefly, she allowed me to borrow them so I could photograph them for our readers and interested buyers.

As far as I know, all of them will be spoken for as soon as we call through our waiting list.  We will keep you updated on that.

Thank you so much for your interest in our puppies and for taking the time to read this blog.  We’d also love to hear from you, our customers.  Photos of your furry friend are always welcome here and will be added to our “Happy Updates” page.

P.S.  Our pure Shih Tzu litter is almost all spoken for.  We have one boy still waiting to be chosen.

Spring Puppies Are Here!

Driving through the warm, spring rain this morning, I happily arrived at Willowbrook Kennel with the anticipation of being able to squeeze some more puppies that needed their first portraits taken.

Also, I couldn’t wait to see the little Morkie boy that was still a wee bit too small the last time to brave a photo session on his own.  Here he is!  Healthy, happy, ever so gentle and he absolutely loves to be held and cuddled.  Born on February 4, 2017, he is waiting for his new family.  Update:  he has happily found a home.


This soft Shih Tzu litter wiggled into the world on February 13, 2017 with three boys and one little girl.  We are happy to inform you that this girl (top right) has been chosen leaving the three boys searching for their new, forever home!


Thank you so much for allowing us the pleasure of providing Ontario with quality, small breeds dogs.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

Please note that the all images are available for purchase and if you would like a selection of first puppy portraits taken at the time of the litter photo session, please inquire here.

Bringing In Spring With Adorable Puppies

With a balmy, 10 degrees Celsius outside, my 11-year-old niece and I ventured out to a favorite kennel of mine, to photograph these adorable puppies.

While she brushed their puppy-soft fur and tried holding all six of them at once, she declared “They’re too energetic to hold still, Auntie.”  Watching her I knew that this would be a challenge . . . a good one.

Yes, these puppies are actually photographed in these buckets, and while they did try to jump out or bury down into the soft blanket inside, we worked very hard to get them to sit up and pose for you.  We jingled car keys, whistled, and squeaked a toy to capture their attention.


This Maltipoo boy was born on January 20, 2017 and was definitely the most energetic of the six we photographed today.  He’s so incredibly sweet and a lot of fun.  I can’t believe we actually got his photograph.  He was that busy.  I should be posting the photos of him jumping out of the bucket but then you wouldn’t get to see the sparkle in his eyes.

These pure, Mini Poodles were born on January 16, 2017 and seem to have such a curious but gentle nature.  I love just their button noses and their soft, curly fur.

PureMiniPoodleJan16Aws.jpg Our last three for the day were these soft, wiggly Malshi (Maltese X Shih Tzu).  I confess I tried to get them all into one basket, but as Annie from Willowbrook Kennel mentioned “I think we will only see one big ball of fur.”  She was correct.  I quickly separated the two boys from their sister and was able to get them to pause for just one moment.


“Which one of these six puppies is your favorite?” I asked my niece who was having the time of her life.   “All of them!” she replied without hesitation.

I agree.  It would be so hard to choose.  At the moment Willowbrook is going through their waiting list to place these little ones.  I believe they will all be spoken for but will keep you updated should there be one available.

Here’s a sneak peak of our sweet Morkie boy that is still growing big enough to participate in a photo session without any help from my niece.  Please check back in April for more photos.


Thank you so much for stopping by.

A Happy Update On Toby, A Sweet Morkie

What a wonderful surprise, as I opened up our email this evening, to see Toby’s adorable face looking up at me.  Toby is a sweet Morkie (Maltese x Yorkie) pup that left Willowbrook last summer.


How can you not love that button nose, those floppy ears and spunky personality!  Toby must bring so much life and joy to his family who sent in these photos and write the following:

“Just sending a Happy Update on my Morkie “Toby” who was born on June 30,2016. Toby adapted so well into our home, and was house broken in less than three weeks. He is very photogenic, loves long walks, playing with socks and cuddling right next to everyone! As you can see Toby lost almost all of his black colour and is now grey and brown.”

Thank you kindly for sharing your Toby with us.  It definitely brightened my day and I hope it brightens our reader’s day too!

Please keep them coming . . . we’d love to share more “happy updates“.

Happy Family Day!

Willowbrook Kennel would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday on this gorgeous, sunshiny day!another-collageWe are thrilled to inform you that all of our puppies are spoken for at the moment and we do not have anything available at this time.  If interested, we’d love to put you on our waiting list with a deposit down.  Please call for more information.

For those who have recently purchased a sweet pup from us . . . we’d love to hear from you and see photos of your wee one in his or her new home.  We’d love to add your photos to our “Happy Updates”.

On this Family Day, please enjoy this beautiful day by celebrating your wonderful family and the precious four-legged friends in your life!

Pure Yorkie and Yorkie Poo Sweetness!

I don’t remember a January quite as dull and dreary as this one, so please, allow me to bring some sunshine into your life today through our sweet Yorkie and Yorkie Poo litters.

These pure Yorkie puppies are sure to brighten your day!alt=Two, bouncing boys and two, happy girls wiggled into the world on December 3, 2016 bringing a lot of joy to Willowbrook Kennel!  We are happy to inform you that our girls are already spoken for. (Update: all sold!)

Just a week before Christmas, on December 17, 2016, our Yorkie Poo litter made its appearance.  They are absolutely adorable.  The only girl (in the center) loves to flop her one ear backwards . . . making her look so endearing.  I’ve never seen one do that before and am certain that takes talent!alt=We are mighty pleased that she has found a home and so have her brothers!

Please come on out if you need some sunshine in your life.  Kindly give us a call to set up an appointment to check out the two Yorkie boys we have available and also the two Shih Poo boys still available.  Update on 02/20/2017 – All sold!

alt="shih poo puppies for sale in ontario"Have a most wonderful day!