Happy Updates

Since we have a lot of dog-loving people who read this blog, that have purchased their tail-wagging friend through Willowbrook, we thought we’d dedicate this space to “happy updates” on your pet.

Please email us your current photos of your beloved dog and an update on how your furry friend is doing. We’d love to hear from you! Enjoy the updates!

02/07/2018  There are six, wonderful “Happy Updates” that we wrote a blog post about.  We know you would love to read about them in full detail.  Please click here to see those updates and the recent photos that our customers sent in showing off their grown up, four-pawed family member.

11/10/2017  “We brought Sadie home with us August 30th, 2013.  She is 4 years old now and still such a happy little pup! Sadie loves to go on adventures, but loves cuddling at home just as much. She is a very happy girl and definitely still the little princess of the house!”alt="Willowbrook Kennel reviews"


11/10/2017  “This is Sami at 8 weeks old. Today she turned 1, she was born  October  3  2016. She is a beautiful, playful, happy and very mischievous girl.  She has turned a gorgeous tan colour  and weighs about 11.5 pounds.  We are always getting stopped by people who think she looks like a little teddy  bear. We would recommend Willowbrook Kennel .  I guarantee you won’t be able to leave without a puppy.  THANK YOU,  WILLOWBROOK!”alt="reviews for Willowbrook Kennel in Ontario"09/26/2017   “Our sweet little girl Marley was born on June 6th this year. She was a ginger when we got her, then after her first hair cut she was a blonde! She’s such a sweet little thing, and she rules our house and our hearts!!” The Macdonald Family.

09/27/2017  This is Marley’s brother, Bruno, who was chosen by the Majowicz family.  They sent in this photo and write:  “Bruno (June 6th male morkie) is adjusting well to farm life!  He particularly likes playing fetch and chasing crickets. We love this little fluffy, fun guy!!”


05/15/2017  Kathy G. shares this update on her sweet little girl:  “This is Sami.  She is 7 months old now.  We picked her up on December 10 and she is the love of our lives.  She is the happiest puppy and full of energy.  Our older girl passed away suddenly on December 23 and Sami has helped so much.  Thank you for a beautiful puppy.”

Cindy M. sent us this note and beautiful photos:

A wonderful update from Cindy R. who sent in these photos of her Morkie boy:

We have an update from Kulvinder S. who writes:  “Hi.  This is our Stella.  She was born November 19, 2015.  She is a Shih Poo.  She is over a year old.  We drove from London, Ontario to get this precious pup.  We got her on a stormy day, January 18, 2016.  When we got her she was dark brown and now she is all beige.  She was housetrained in 3 months.  She loves her walks and playing with her towns and socks.  She loves cuddles and has brought so much joy to our family.  She is such a good pup.  Thank u so much.”

iPhone Image 2BFADF

02/22/2017  Vanessa C. writes: “Just sending a Happy Update on my Morkie “Toby” who was born on June 30,2016. Toby adapted so well into our home, and was house broken in less than three weeks. He is very photogenic, loves long walks, playing with socks and cuddling right next to everyone! As you can see Toby lost almost all of his black colour and is now grey and brown.”

08/06/2016  “Hi!  I just wanted to send you an update on Molly. She was a Morkie from your kennel we picked up in May 2015 . . .  She is a tricolor and ‎kept her three colours although she lost the black on her head. She is about 6 pounds, so smaller than we expected, but we love her!  Thanks again for such a great puppy.”


05/02/2016   The Mallett Family writes: “We just wanted to update you on our Morkie that we adopted from your kennel back in August of 2014. Champ was from a litter born on May 2nd.  Champ has been such a wonderful joy for our family and I just wanted to update you today on his 2nd birthday and let you know that he is very healthy and so very loved and one of the most well behaved dogs that I have ever seen. We thank you for making him available to our home.”


04/05/2016  “Molly (black, Shorkiepoo – born February 2014) and her half sister Dottie (tan and black, Morkie – born August 2015) are best of friends.”

“Molly lives in London, ON and Dottie lives in Toronto, ON. They lived together for 2 months before I relocated, they miss each other a lot and they stay connected via video chat . . . Molly is a sweet girl who loves lots of attention and doesn’t like to go anywhere without her family. She eats treats in record time and begs for pretzels (although she is not picky, she will eat anything).

 Dottie is the opposite – she is an independent and bold puppy who after only a week convinced me to let her sleep in bed with me… now she hogs the bed.
They both love car rides (this photo taken Christmas morning 2015 waiting for a Starbucks!)…
Thank you Willowbrook for these two beautiful dogs. Although they are very different, we are so glad they are apart of our lives.
We love them SO MUCH!”


“We bought 2 Malshi puppies from Willowbrook about a year and a half apart. Teddy was the little male that we bought in 2013 and Dolly was purchased in 2014. They are absolutely the love of our lives! They bring sunshine and laughter every day. They love to please us and are such happy, well-adjusted little dogs. The people who run Willowbrook Kennels are absolutely awesome with these dogs. The puppies that they sell are happy and healthy with no issues. I highly recommend this kennel to anyone looking for one of their breeds of dogs. You won’t be sorry! Thank you Willowbrook for the great job you do!” – Mary G.

01/04/2016  The Zavagno Family sent us a beautiful update on their Shih Poo!

alt="reviews for Willowbrook Kennel in Ontario"


10/04/2015  Check out these two cuties that are Shorkies and were purchased by Lorrie W.  Here is what she writes:


08/10/2015  This handsome Shorkie, named Levi, is almost one year old and his happy family writes the following:


“Just wanted to send an updated picture of our shorkie, Levi! It’s almost his first birthday, I can’t believe how much he’s grown! We can’t thank you enough! So many people have asked what breeder we got him from. He is so friendly, one woman had even told us that she made the drive to your place to pick her own puppy because of Levi. Thank you so much!”  Haley L.

06/13/2015  Check out this adorable Morkie! Kathy sent us her “Happy Update”.

alt="Reviews for Willowbrook Kennel"

05/15/2015  Wow! Thank you to Mariley A. for sending in this wonderful collage of her precious Maltese. We can definitely see she is loved and pampered!

Willowbrook Kennel Reviews

05/08/2015  Erin U. shared these current photos of her beautiful Sheltie named Pippin. Here’s her happy update:


05/06/2014 Thank you to Pat & Jerry Z. for sending us these adorable photos and for the update on little “Jag”. I just love his little white nose and feet! He looks mighty happy!

02/25/2015  Here’s a wonderful update on one of our Maltese puppies sent in to us from Leah S.  Thanks so much, Leah!


01/19/2015  Please enjoy this update on one of our sweet Peekapoo puppies sent to us from Jan S. in Listowel, Ontario.  Thank you, Jan, for putting together this collage for all readers to enjoy!

Baby Molly_

“Just wanted to send you an update and thank you for our beautiful little Peekapoo Pup.  We brought Molly home with us October 14, 2014 and we love her dearly!  She is all we could have asked for and more! Molly is such a good girl – very affectionate, good natured, intelligent and well behaved.

We feel very fortunate to have found Willowbrook Kennel. I would highly recommend this kennel to anyone!  Special thank you to Annie & family for the outstanding job they do & all the loving care that is given to all the Moms, Dads, & baby Pups.

Our little Miss Molly has brought so much Love & Joy to our home!”

12/12/2014 Haley L. sent in this “happy update” on their adorable, snow covered Shorkie.  Thanks so much for sharing Levi’s photo with us.


“Just wanted to send an update on our Shorkie puppy named Levi . . . He adjusted extremely well to his new home and family members.  He loves the snow and always seems to find odd places to sleep (he prefers baskets over beds) . . . he’s very friendly to other dogs.  He is the perfect fit for our family, his loving, playful and mischievous personality keeps us laughing.)  Thanks so much for this little guy”

12/06/2014 Thanks so much to the Peates Family for sending us this update on their adorable Shorkie pup:

“Thank you for our Shorkie Puppy.  Sadie fits into our family perfect.  She is great with our two boys.  Love to play and loves to be cuddled.  Enjoys running around in our backyard too.  Thanks again.”  The Peates Family

12/05/2014  Elizabeth E. sent us another update on Gracie who turned 1 in November.  Take a look at that adorable, PINK, button nose.  Thanks so much for sharing this update.

“Here is an update of Gracie that turned 1 on Nov 1st/14.  She is the love of our lives and still has her pink nose!  She loves the snow in the winter and swimming in the pool in the summer.  Her brothers are Willie, Jace and Enzo that have all posted updates also.”

11/15/2014  “This my Enzo…born Nov 13, 2013. He turned one today. He is just the sweetest dog with awesome temperament. He loves to play with all dogs, big or small!”  Lani D.


enzo110/24/2014  “Just want to give you an update on Marley our female Shorkie pup that we adopted a month ago. She has fit right into our family and loves her older brother Bentley, our 95 lb lab, they play together constantly and make us laugh! We all adore her, he has helped fill the hole left in our hearts after losing our beloved 12 year old Shi-poo Jake. We are so thankful she has joined our family!”  Kathy M.

05/25/2014  The new owner of one of our Pekingese pups writes the following:

“Hi, I just want to let you know that the Pekingese girl that we just adopted is doing awesome. Even though it has only been a couple days but she’s fitting in really well. She loves my cats and she’s awesome at house training right now . Will send some pictures soon :)”

We can’t wait to see those photos.  🙂

05/21/2014   Sophie is absolutely loved by her family. Her family writes:
“We adopted our Maltipoo Sophie in October 2013 and she is the most smart and gentle natured puppy ever 🙂 She fits into our family so perfectly , we couldn’t be happier . . . she is so smart and so loving. She’s too funny and always has us laughing. She LOVES eating salad and begs to climb in the bathtub anytime anyone is in there.”

What a cutie! Enjoy the photos sent in by her family showing off the many adorable faces of Sophie!

04/15/2014   I love these photos coming in from pups that have left Willowbrook. Here we have a very lovely Sheltie that left us just a few weeks ago in March and is now living in Toronto. Her new owner, Lutchi S. writes:
“I didn’t tell my husband and two sons about Dessa, but the first time they all set eyes on her, she was loved instantly. She got her shots two Fridays ago and is getting used to the big world outside. She’s quite vocal and very playful and is an excellent retriever. She has brought so much warmth and love into our home. Thank you!

04/09/2014   These two, adorable Malshi pups left Willowbrook on February 20th with Ann Marie & Mike. We heartily thank them for sending us these adorable photos and the wonderful update on how these two are doing.
Malshi Puppies

“Willie and Jace are in very good health and they are so cute and adorable! We love them so much!! My husband and I are so glad we took both of them, they cuddle and play together all the time, very entertaining. Five months old and they weigh in at 5 lbs each. They are sleeping full nights and during the day they are so full of energy. After a walk In the evening they are so tired out and they get very affectionate.

Willie is the one with the pink nose, he is very carefree. Jace is very cautious of everything. Willie and Jace are doing very well with crate training too, very smart little boys!”

03/07/2014   Jackie G. bought two lovely Shelties from us in 2013. Enjoy her photos and update.

Jackie's Dogs

“Hi, We just wanted to let you know that we love and adore the 2 puppies we got from you last June (were born on Feb. 6/2013). We bought the last boy (Teddy), and the last little girl (Ruby). They just had their first birthday last month, and are the love of our lives! They are such happy, loving dogs! Thanks for such wonderful dogs!” Jackie G.

02/26/2014   Val & Brady bought an adorable Malshi from us and here is their happy update:

Lola“We brought Lola home August 30th and fell in love the second we had her. She is 7 months old and she is a Malshi, I love coming home to her greeting us at the door with more and more excitement everyday. She is a cuddler and very playful. I don’t know what we would do without her. She brings so much happiness into our house. She loves loves loves the snow. Being so small I didn’t think she would but she is outside in the back yard all the time.”

02/18/2014   Elizabeth & Trevor E. from London, Ontario sent us photos of their Malshi named “Gracie” that they brought home on January 18, 2014 after losing a beloved dog named Jade, 15 years earlier. They discovered this breed while visiting their hockey playing son in Manitoba this past November.

Elizabeth writes;
“My son and husband convinced me to get another one, because I had wanted another dog for years. I have severe allergies also and I am not allergic to this breed at all!
. . . I searched and called Willowbrook and they had just had the litter that Gracie was born into, one girl, 3 boys. So I asked if I could have her unseen. We visited her twice before we actually got to take her home and my sister who lives in St Jacobs also visited her for me at Willowbrook. The day we brought her home was one of the happiest days of my life and I truly adore this puppy. She is so good natured and so sweet and her pink nose makes her even more so!”




12/11/2013   Jan B. bought a Sheltie from us and you can read about her beautiful dog here.
Diptych 2

08/23/2013   Carlos S. comments:

“We picked up our Multipoo female in May of 2013, We love our pup Luna and also hope we get her fully potty trained soon. We got her hair cut this week and what a transformation. You were right. Our black puppy has gone completely grey after the haircut. She looks great! I can’t believe her sister is not sold yet.
Here is the photo link from puppy pickup to 4 1/2 months.”

Spring 2013   C. & P. from Toronto purchased a Shih Poo from us after seeing his photo on this website. His soulful eyes drew them in and they purchased “Gus” as a brother to a Golden Doodle and a Bichon Poodle. Read about Gus here.
05/27/2013   Laurie L. says:

“Hi: Just wanted to write and let you know that our little sheltie girl (we called her Lexi) that we picked up 2 weeks ago yesterday is doing great. She has been excellent at night right from day one. The house training is a bit of a challenge but I’m sure it will come.
Laurie & Kevin L.

Year 2006  Daniela G. purchased “Mikki” from us seven years ago and this is an update on how he is doing in 2013.






2 thoughts on “Happy Updates

  1. We bought 2 Malshi puppies from Willowbrook about a year and a half apart. Teddy was the little male that we bought in 2013 and Dolly was purchased in 2014. They are absolutely the love of our lives! They bring sunshine and laughter every day. They love to please us and are such happy, well-adjusted little dogs. The people who run Willowbrook Kennels are absolutely awesome with these dogs. The puppies that they sell are happy and healthy with no issues. I highly recommend this kennel to anyone looking for one of their breeds of dogs. You won’t be sorry! Thank you Willowbrook for the great job you do!

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