About Us

As a licensed kennel in the Waterloo Region that is health inspected and registered with Woolwich Township, you can be sure to find that special addition you are seeking for your family.

We pride ourselves in providing you with well-cared-for puppies that are bred and raised in a bright, airy, clean, and health inspected kennel. These pups come with a written guarantee and have been checked over by a vet, received their first shots and have been dewormed.

Here on this blog you can view the current, adorable puppies we have for sale. We specialize in purebred Shelties, Maltese, and Yorkie dogs and also produce quality cross breeds.

14 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello, My name is Karen. I have been researching small dogs for awhile now…..I remember having dogs as a child, outdoor large dogs that were not allowed in the house. I am now older, I live with my 7 year old son, and we are ready for a puppy/small dog. I have narrowed it down to a malshi pup. Any advice and or direction you could give me would be great. thank you in advance. karen

    1. Hi Karen! Thank you for you interest. Willowbrook would love to assist you.

      Please contact Willowbrook below for the quickest service as I only maintain the website.

      Many thanks for your interest.

      Phone Numbers:

      marv.willowbrook@gmail.com mailto:marv.willowbrook@gmail.com

      Many thanks for your interest!

  2. Hello! My husband Myles and I are looking for a Morkie puppy 🙂 We are gone until mid January visiting family and are wondering if there is a new litter planned for around that time? My family grew up with a Morkie and we are very excited to find our new puppy! 🙂 look forward to hearing back from you! (We are from Hamilton) :).

    1. Thank you for asking as this is a very good question.

      We are not registered with CKC because we produce quality crossbreeds and CKC only accepts pure bred dogs . . . no crossbreeds.

      Thanks for your question.

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