Pixie Loving The Snow . . . A Happy Update On One Of Our Puppies . . .

Diptych 2

We love to receive updates on the puppies that have found their way into the heart of a new family and home.

Here we have little Pixie who was born June 5, 2012 and is a beautiful Sheltie purchased from our Kennel when she was just five months old.  The happy owner of Pixie shared these current photos with us and has this to say about her sweet Sheltie:

“My Pixie  has very dainty little feet.  Her tail is long and almost touches the ground when she walks.  I am glad she is petite because she is easy to pick up and cuddle.  But even though she is dainty,  she has loads of energy and agility.  I take her for 2 hour hikes on the trails and she is jumping for joy all the time.  She loves to run and play with her other puppy friends in the neighbourhood and that is why I am considering getting another puppy.  Pixie loves when I give her a bath.  She just stands still and lets me soap and rinse her.  I guess she likes that fresh fluffy coat.   She’s very smart and seems to know what we are talking about!  All the tricks that we taught her – she learned very quickly.  She wakes me with kisses and loves attention, playing, and being cuddled.  I love my little sheltie!”

What a great update!!!  Thank you so much for sharing the photos of Pixie and allowing us to share them with other dog owners who love their pet as much you do yours.

Want more updates on some of our puppies? Read about them here.

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