Loving The Outdoors . . .

Yes, these soft, Malshi, fluff balls seemed to love their morning photo session in the great big, wide-open world.  With the gusty spring wind blowing their fur and ears around, it took a bit of time to get them photographed.  What fun we had!

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So here they are!  This happy litter of Maltese x Shih Tzu puppies were born on March 30th, 2016.  There is one handsome boy squeezed in between his two sisters and we are so happy to inform you that each one has already been chosen by his or her new family.

The Maltese cross puppies here at Willowbrook Kennel are a favorite amongst families in Southern Ontario and we do have a waiting list for this breed.  This is why they are sold before they are old enough to photograph . . . but we do want to share their cuteness with you and with their new owners.

We still have a Shorkie girl waiting for her forever home.  Will your family be the one to claim her?  Feel free to call with any questions you may have. (Update: She left us for her new home in Toronto!)


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Thank you for stopping by!

Busy Days Here At Willowbrook!

The last week of chilly April proved to be a real busy one for us here at Willowbrook Kennel. Three healthy and happy litters arrived!

We are so pleased to present this sweet litter of Morkie (Maltese x Yorkie) puppies born on April 22, 2016 with two boys and two girls.  There are three families who are eagerly awaiting the pick up of these little ones as soon as they are old enough to leave their mama.  The brown and black boy is the only one left to find a home.  (Now he’s sold too!)alt="Morkie puppies for sale in Ontario"

On the same day, along came two little Peekapoo puppies born to our sweet, gentle Pekingese Mama and our Poodle dad.  We happily present one boy (on the left) and one sweet girl who have both found a home!

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Just a couple of days later, on April 24 to be exact, our Shih Tzu mama and little Poodle dad welcomed their four, little Shih Poo pups.  Two boys and two girls are soon ready to leave us because all have found their new family except for the white, soft, fluff ball remaining.

While he was waiting for his turn to be photographed, he kept following me around and trying to jump up my leg as if to say, “Hey, what about me!  I want to be included too!”

Update on 06/06/2016: The white fluff ball has found a home!  All sold!

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Whew, I told you it has been busy but a really good kind of busy because we know the dear folk on our waiting list are going to be filled with joy when they receive their long anticipated pup.


What Beautiful Weather & Super Sweet Puppies!

I can’t remember the last time we had such beautiful weather over the May holiday weekend!  Wow!  The temperatures were amazing . . . How I love this time of year!

Willowbrook is super thrilled to introduce you to these Peekapoo puppies that were born on March 30, 2016.  Our Peekapoos are a cross between a pure Pekingese and a pure miniature Poodle which produce this gentle, sweet, laid-back breed.  They will be the most loyal friend to you and your family!  Take a look at their trusting, round eyes!

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We’ve been busy making calls on our waiting list to find homes for these soft, fluff balls, and are thrilled they all have been chosen – all but the black girl on the bottom left!  She is available on a first come, first served basis.  Please call soon as we’d love to answer any question you may have!

All of our sweet Shorkies have found a home except for the sweet black and white one.  She’s ready for someone to claim her.  Will she find a place in your home?

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The “Happy Updates” page on our blog is definitely a favorite on here and we would love to keep adding to it. If you have purchased your pup from us, we’d love to add your photos and your “Happy Updates” to the many wonderful stories we have collected.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and please enjoy this wonderful weather with your four-legged friend!

Adorable Shorkie Puppies & One Lonely Morkie!

What a beautiful spring day today as I ventured out to Willowbrook Kennel to see these adorable puppies!

As I was setting up my portable studio for this photo session and Annie was busy getting these curious little ones ready to be photographed, I had to laugh.  One of these six week old Shorkies kept following my feet as I was setting up the lights and wanted to eat my sandals and lick my toes.  What a spunky personality!

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The Shorkies are a cross between a pure Shih Tzu and a pure, little Yorkie!  They certainly have personality and I am proud to introduce you to two boys (the brown one is sold) and two, little girls.  (The black girl is also spoken for.)  Please call soon because they go like hot cakes.

Up next, I am very pleased to introduce you to a precious, Morkie (Maltese x Yorkie) boy who was born on November 17, 2015.  He is healthy, adorable, has a sweet, pleasant personality, and is waiting for his forever home!  We can’t wait to see which family will fall in love with him.

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Every pup at Willowbrook is gently cared for, socialized, and carefully health inspected by a vet who will also make sure they have their first shots and deworming.

Please call us on Monday through Saturday and Annie, Marvin or Esther would be most happy to answer any questions you may have or to be put on the waiting list!

Thank you for your interest in our quality, small breed dogs.

Sweet, Little Fluff Balls, Waiting For You. . .

We’re still waiting on spring to arrive here at Willowbrook . . . and are definitely ready for some sunshine.

There’s always something to smile about inside our kennel, which does feel like sunshine on a cold, spring day.  There is nothing better than being greeted by happy barks and a lot of wagging tails.

These sweet Maltipoo  (Maltese x Poodle) puppies were born on February 20th, 2016.  The darker one on the left is a little boy and the other one is our sweet girl.

alt="maltese x poodle puppies for sale in ontario"

Born just a day earlier on February 19, 2016, this pure Maltese litter brought us 2 boys (on bottom photo and who are already sold) and 2 little girls (one of these is already spoken for.)


Our Maltese and Maltese cross puppies don’t last long, so if you’re interested, the best way to purchase one of these pups is to be put on a waiting list.

There are only a couple of Sheltie Retrievers left in our current litter.  Please check them out here.

Thank you so much for your interest, we look forward to hearing from you since we truly love what we do . . . providing Ontario families with quality, healthy, happy, small breed puppies.

Check out our “Happy Updates“.  There are many lives and homes filled with little wagging bundles of joy from our kennel.


Happy Updates On Our Puppies!

Willowbrook loves to receive “Happy Updates” from customers, along with photographs, which we love to pass along to our dear readers.

Jennifer F. from Toronto, Ontario sent us in these beautiful photos of two sweet pups that are best friends – both purchased from us here at Willowbrook Kennel.


“Molly (black, Shorkiepoo – born February 2014) and her half sister Dottie (tan and black, Morkie – born August 2015) are best of friends. Molly lives in London, ON and Dottie lives in Toronto, ON. They lived together for 2 months before I relocated, they miss each other a lot and they stay connected via video chat.

After Molly joined the family with my younger sister, I knew I had to visit Willowbrook for a puppy for myself . . .


. . . I peeked my head in the window, and she stopped playing with the other puppies, she tilted her head, perked up her ear and made a little crying noise. As soon as I saw her I started crying… and my mom and sister did too – she was shy and timid and I knew she had to be apart of our family. This shyness lasted 2 days… now she is fearless.

Molly is a sweet girl who loves lots of attention and doesn’t like to go anywhere without her family. She eats treats in record time and begs for pretzels (although she is not picky, she will eat anything).

Dottie is the opposite – she is an independent and bold puppy who after only a week convinced me to let her sleep in bed with me… now she hogs the bed.

They both love car rides (this photo taken Christmas morning 2015 waiting for a Starbucks!)…

Thank you Willowbrook for these two beautiful dogs. Although they are very different, we are so glad they are apart of our lives.

We love them SO MUCH!”

Wow . . . Aren’t they just adorable.  I love their faces hanging out the car window . . . looking like they own the world and absolutely love their life.

And then, there is this “Happy Update” from Mary G.  She didn’t send in any photos, but did purchase two sweet puppies from us.  She writes:

We bought 2 Malshi puppies from Willowbrook about a year and a half apart. Teddy was the little male that we bought in 2013 and Dolly was purchased in 2014. They are absolutely the love of our lives! They bring sunshine and laughter every day. They love to please us and are such happy, well-adjusted little dogs. The people who run Willowbrook Kennels are absolutely awesome with these dogs. The puppies that they sell are happy and healthy with no issues. I highly recommend this kennel to anyone looking for one of their breeds of dogs. You won’t be sorry! Thank you Willowbrook for the great job you do!” – Mary G.

It is so rewarding to hear how much these little ones are loved and how much happiness they bring.  This definitely makes our work a labour of love.

Beautiful Sheltie Retrievers & One Morkie Boy

Happy Spring to all our dear readers!  What a wonderful time of year to bring home a new addition to the family!

Check out our newest MORKIE boy! (Update: He’s been chosen!)

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What a cutie!  He is one energetic, little Morkie (Maltese x Yorkie) waiting for his forever home.  Born on February 5, 2016, he is healthy, charming, and is an only pup . . . no siblings for him.  We don’t expect him to be lonely for long.

Willowbrook is also very pleased to present this beautiful litter of Sheltie Retrievers that we photographed yesterday at just six weeks of age.

Usually we photograph our puppies in the morning but on this particular day it was in the afternoon and boy, were they ever sleepy.  I guess they wanted their afternoon nap.  You should have seen them.  One of little boy fell asleep amid the photo session with his head falling down lower and lower.  It was a challenge to get them to open their eyes.  We tried hard to capture them for you and here they are!

They have the most beautiful markings and colouring.  Take your pick!  These are our four, healthy, happy boys!

alt="sheltie retriever puppies for sale in Ontario"

Our ten-year-old nephew is one happy boy after having fallen in love with the boy shown in the top photo on the right-hand side.  He can’t wait for this little one to grow and receive his first shots so that he can finally come home.  The one on the bottom left-hand side has also been chosen!

And here are the three, sweet girls.  There is only one little girl left in this litter which is the one pictured on the bottom.

alt="sheltie retriever puppies for sale in Ontario"


Stay tuned!

We keep our blog current, so please check back often to see if there is anything new available.

Thank you so much for your interest!