Shih Poo & Pure Maltese Cuteness

I was greeted by the sweetest, little Maltese as I was setting up the lighting equipment for today’s photo session at Willowbrook Kennel. What a sweet, white fluff-ball, who tried hard to get a taste of my brown leather sandals and toes.  He is definitely teething right now.

Little Maltese and I were not alone for very long before his brother came running over to join in the fun and to see how close he could get to my feet without actually getting stepped on.  Of course I scooped him up into my arms.  I just had to hold him.  How could I not?

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Willowbrook is mighty pleased to present these busy little, pure Maltese boys that wiggled into the world on May 9th.  Both boys are spoken for.

Just a few days later, on May 14th, Willowbrook welcomed with love a healthy, happy Shih Poo litter.  Two beautiful girls and one handsome boy (sitting outside the bucket) were born to their Shih Tzu mama and Toy Poodle father.  They are also all spoken for.

alt="shih poo puppies for sale in ontario"What busy little ones.  The poor boy didn’t want to join his sisters inside of the bucket but when we removed him, he then kept trying to run off of the set.  He is definitely a character!  Someone is going to have a whole lot of fun with him.

Thank you so much for taking the time to browse through Willowbrook Kennel’s blog.

Have a most wonderful day!

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