Photos Of Our Peekapoo Puppies!

What an absolutely beautiful, summer-like morning in our part of Ontario this morning!  It is such a relief to have fresh air instead of the hot, stickiness of the last couple of days.  I’m sure our puppies here at Willowbrook are as happy about that as I am.

These Peekapoo puppies are absolutely adorable.  They are the most easy breed to photograph because they are so gentle and trusting . . . not to mention very photogenic with those round eyes.  Those alert eyes follow me around and respond wonderfully to my gentle commands . . . actually, more like the strange noises I make.

Last week I got a photo of the four girls (see photo below) for a potential customer and I couldn’t believe I got all four of them posed in just a couple of shots . . . it is definitely not like that for most of our puppies.  🙂  They usually like to jump out of the basket; tipping it over.

This was one of the first shots taken:alt="puppies for sale at Willowbrook Kennel"Often I can’t get more than three together to cooperate since they have too much fun playing with each other.  Anyways, this photo was taken last week and all of them are now spoken for except for one girl available in this litter of five girls and one boy born on April 29, 2017.  Photographed just yesterday, she is the dark one in between the two blonde girls.  Brother happily sits between his sisters in the top photo.

(Update: all are now sold!)

alt="peekapoo puppies for sale in ontario"The Peekapoo is your perfect lap dog.  They absolutely love being held and don’t squirm to get away.  Very, very gentle and trusting in nature.  Take a look at our “Happy updates” to see some of our Peekapoos from previous litters.

We enjoy hearing from our customers and seeing updated photos of them enjoying their new homes and life.

Have a wonderful day!  It’s a beautiful one!



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