These Are Your Stories, Your Happy Updates!

Today I will happily feature four grateful families that have sent in their “Happy Updates“.  Our hearts are filled knowing we have a hand in providing so many people a dear family member that provides unconditional love.

Kathy G. shares this update on her sweet little girl:  “This is Sami.  She is 7 months old now.  We picked her up on December 10 and she is the love of our lives.  She is the happiest puppy and full of energy.  Our older girl passed away suddenly on December 23 and Sami has helped so much.  Thank you for a beautiful puppy.”

How heartbreaking to hear of the loss of your 10-year-old Yorkie girl.  Willowbrook is pleased to hear that you are finding comfort and joy in Sami. She definitely looks loved.

Next up, we have Cindy M. who sent us this note and beautiful photos:

“Now six months old, a puppy preschool grad and a very popular figure in the neighborhood and schoolyard, our Willowbrook Malshi girl “Shanti” is flourishing!  She is friendly, playful, loving, cuddly and every day more responsive and well-behaved.  She plays respectfully and well with our children, our cats, and other puppies!  She travels like a pro, rarely barks and has beautiful manners.  She even goes for bike rides!  We love her so much and are so glad we found her at Willowbrook.”

We are so glad you found her too!  Your pride in Shanti’s accomplishments are heard and we know that she is this way because she is being trained and loved the way a dog should be.

Wow!  Aren’t these awesome updates?  Would you like to hear more?  Well, I do have a note from Cindy R. who sent in these photos of her Morkie boy:

She writes:  “Dear Willowbrook Kennel,  We have been saying for months that we need to send an update to let you know how very happy we are with a little Morkie that was born April, 22, 2016.  This little guy is named Charlie and he is so smart and is a dog with the most personality I have ever known.  He is so well behaved and just wants to be a good boy.  If it is even possible, we love him more than when we picked him up in June of last year.  Charlie has ended up at the perfect size at 6.8 pounds.  He loves people and loves being around people.  Everyone that meets Charlie falls in love with him!  Thank you Willowbrook Kennel.  I would recommend your kennel and this breed to anyone!”

Thank you, Cindy, for your recommendation.  We are so glad to hear how well little Charlie is doing in your family.

Last, but definitely not least, we have an update from Kulvinder S. who has an adorable Shih Poo named Stella.  Stella’s family writes:

“Hi.  This is our Stella.  She was born November 19, 2015.  She is a Shih Poo.  She is over a year old.  We drove from London, Ontario to get this precious pup.  We got her on a stormy day, January 18, 2016.  When we got her she was dark brown and now she is all beige.  She was housetrained in 3 months.  She loves her walks and playing with her towns and socks.  She loves cuddles and has brought so much joy to our family.  She is such a good pup.  Thank u so much.”

Thank you so much for this update and for showing us your beautiful Stella!  I love how it looks like she is smiling in the close-up image of her.

We know your puppies are a commitment and can sometimes be work, but we also know that it is so worth it.  When you feel your tears being licked off, a wildly wagging tail greeting you each and every time you walk through that front door, and a warm fluff-ball keeping your toes toasty in the winter which helps to chase away those blues . . .  it really is all worth it.

Thank you for sharing your happy dogs with us.

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