Maltipoo Joy!

It is with great joy that Willowbrook announces the safe and healthy arrival of a sweet litter of Maltipoo puppies born on March 20, 2017.  Miniature Poodle mama and Maltese dad are mighty pleased with their two girls and one boy.

Mama is taking very good care of them and she so generously allowed me to borrow her wee ones from her care so that we could take their first puppy portraits.  I will tell you though, mama did let us know she thought it was taking a bit too long, so we tried to hurry and return them as soon as possible.  Aren’t they adorable?  The boy on the bottom seems to be saying “Are we about done yet?  I want to get back to my mama!”alt=We can’t wait to call our patient customers on the waiting list to let them know their Maltipoos are soon ready.

We look forward to placing them into loving homes where they will be cherished.  I guarantee you that they will bring a lot of love, wet kisses, and joyful laughter.

Take a look at the beautiful photos and note Stacey sent us:

alt="reviews for willowbrook kennel"

“Hello,  Just wanted to send a quick ‘Happy Update’ on the Malshi puppy we brought home to our family last July.  Rocky celebrated his first birthday today and is a happy, healthy puppy who brings lots of joy to our family.  He lost his dark brown colouring but is still a cute little guy.  Thanks Willowbrook!”

Thank you so much for that update and the beautiful photos, Stacey.  Rocky is absolutely adorable!  We have added Rocky to our “Happy Updates” page and for those wondering who have also sent in their photos to us, we will be adding four more updates next week!

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