A Happy Update On Toby, A Sweet Morkie

What a wonderful surprise, as I opened up our email this evening, to see Toby’s adorable face looking up at me.  Toby is a sweet Morkie (Maltese x Yorkie) pup that left Willowbrook last summer.


How can you not love that button nose, those floppy ears and spunky personality!  Toby must bring so much life and joy to his family who sent in these photos and write the following:

“Just sending a Happy Update on my Morkie “Toby” who was born on June 30,2016. Toby adapted so well into our home, and was house broken in less than three weeks. He is very photogenic, loves long walks, playing with socks and cuddling right next to everyone! As you can see Toby lost almost all of his black colour and is now grey and brown.”

Thank you kindly for sharing your Toby with us.  It definitely brightened my day and I hope it brightens our reader’s day too!

Please keep them coming . . . we’d love to share more “happy updates“.

2 thoughts on “A Happy Update On Toby, A Sweet Morkie

  1. Hi there,

    What a cutie Toby is! Toby’s sister Molly would love to meet him or share photographs. How can we connect with Tobie’s adoptive family to exchange contact information?

    1. Hi Genn, What a great idea! At this point, we can’t give out contact information but if you would like to submit a photo and an update on Molly we can post that for all to see and hopefully Molly’s sibling’s families will see it. If I mention you’d love to get in contact with them I could have them email us and then connect you after we have their interest and permission. I hope you’re able to connect at some point in time. Best wishes with Molly!

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