Two Happy Litters All In One Day . . .

Willowbrook is very excited to present to you not one, but two, healthy, gentle and sweet litters of Morkie puppies . . . both born on September 20th, 2016.

I had so much fun photographing them today and am thrilled there is still ONE, little girl available for some wonderful family to claim.

alt="morkie puppies for sale in ontario"

This first litter has a pure Yorkie mama with a pure Maltese dad.  Our girls (top photo) and our boys in this litter are busy eating, playing and growing big enough to leave us.  We will definitely miss them but are thrilled they have all found a home.

The second litter also has a pure Yorkie mama and a pure Yorkie dad.  Two handsome boys and two adorable girls (bottom photo) in this litter are all spoken for except for the black and white girl.  She’s still waiting to be chosen.


We can’t wait to see which family will claim her.  Please call us to find out more about her to see if she would be a perfect match for your family and home.

Thank you so much for stopping by.


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