Five Little Shih Poo Puppies . . .

Oh, I could just squeeze these adorable Shih Poo puppies.  There are five, really gentle, good-natured pups in this litter that arrived on August 10, 2016.  Three boys (pictured together) and two sweet girls. . . All have been chosen except for the girl on the top left. (Update: Now sold!)


As a photographer, who doesn’t ever see these pups until they are ready to be introduced to our dog-loving readers and customers, I can vouch for the amazing nature of these little ones.  I can’t believe the trust they have in human touch from a stranger.  I can tell they are loved well and socialized by the way they allowed me to cuddle them before the photo session.  There was no fear at all, just these round trusting eyes looking up at me.

My sister purchased a happy Shih Poo puppy from Willowbrook ten years ago.  Mikki is loved by all the extended family and has a wonderful personality.  I think he’s so cute too . . . because of his small size, incredibly soft fur and adorable haircut.  His ears flop up and down when he runs making him look so comical.


He definitely brings a lot of joy and entertainment to the family . . . especially to Oma and Opa who are aging . . .  and look forward to his daily arrival in their home while my sister works.

Enjoy reading more stories and photos from our customers who love to share how their dog is doing in our “Happy Updates” page.

Please send us your update if you’d like your furry friend added that page.

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