An Update On Sweet, Little Molly & Pink-Nosed Gracie

Oh, what a cutie! I just had to share this photo with you!

Molly is a little Morkie that left Willowbrook over a year ago. Her family sent us this photo and happy update:

alt="reviews for Willowbrook Kennel in Ontario"

“Hi!  I just wanted to send you an update on Molly. She was a Morkie from your kennel we picked up in May 2015 . . .  She is a tricolor and ‎kept her three colours although she lost the black on her head. She is about 6 pounds, so smaller than we expected, but we love her!

Thanks again for such a great puppy.”

Thank you so much Carolyn M. and family for this update.  She is so tiny and very adorable!  Your update is much appreciated and also helps others interested in this breed see what Morkies look like fully grown!

Up next, we have a new, updated photo sent in to us from Elizabeth E. . . Gracie is now three and makes her family so happy.  She writes:

“I have a new updated picture of Gracie.  She will be 3 November 13, 2016 and her brothers are Willie, Jace and Enzo.  She is still the love of our lives, Willowbrook makes such happy puppies!


Gracie still has her pink nose and people comment on it all the time.”

Thank you!  It is so wonderful to receive another update on Gracie!  What a cute, button nose!  (Check out her previous photo in our “Happy Updates.”)

We love to share these photos and emails with you, so if you purchased your puppy at Willowbrook , we would love to show off your well-loved pet to those on our waiting list and it keeps us informed on how they are doing.  Please email us your updates.  Have a most wonderful day!

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