Happy Updates On Our Puppies!

Willowbrook loves to receive “Happy Updates” from customers, along with photographs, which we love to pass along to our dear readers.

Jennifer F. from Toronto, Ontario sent us in these beautiful photos of two sweet pups that are best friends – both purchased from us here at Willowbrook Kennel.


“Molly (black, Shorkiepoo – born February 2014) and her half sister Dottie (tan and black, Morkie – born August 2015) are best of friends. Molly lives in London, ON and Dottie lives in Toronto, ON. They lived together for 2 months before I relocated, they miss each other a lot and they stay connected via video chat.

After Molly joined the family with my younger sister, I knew I had to visit Willowbrook for a puppy for myself . . .


. . . I peeked my head in the window, and she stopped playing with the other puppies, she tilted her head, perked up her ear and made a little crying noise. As soon as I saw her I started crying… and my mom and sister did too – she was shy and timid and I knew she had to be apart of our family. This shyness lasted 2 days… now she is fearless.

Molly is a sweet girl who loves lots of attention and doesn’t like to go anywhere without her family. She eats treats in record time and begs for pretzels (although she is not picky, she will eat anything).

Dottie is the opposite – she is an independent and bold puppy who after only a week convinced me to let her sleep in bed with me… now she hogs the bed.

They both love car rides (this photo taken Christmas morning 2015 waiting for a Starbucks!)…

Thank you Willowbrook for these two beautiful dogs. Although they are very different, we are so glad they are apart of our lives.

We love them SO MUCH!”

Wow . . . Aren’t they just adorable.  I love their faces hanging out the car window . . . looking like they own the world and absolutely love their life.

And then, there is this “Happy Update” from Mary G.  She didn’t send in any photos, but did purchase two sweet puppies from us.  She writes:

We bought 2 Malshi puppies from Willowbrook about a year and a half apart. Teddy was the little male that we bought in 2013 and Dolly was purchased in 2014. They are absolutely the love of our lives! They bring sunshine and laughter every day. They love to please us and are such happy, well-adjusted little dogs. The people who run Willowbrook Kennels are absolutely awesome with these dogs. The puppies that they sell are happy and healthy with no issues. I highly recommend this kennel to anyone looking for one of their breeds of dogs. You won’t be sorry! Thank you Willowbrook for the great job you do!” – Mary G.

It is so rewarding to hear how much these little ones are loved and how much happiness they bring.  This definitely makes our work a labour of love.

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