Yorkie Poo Puppies Born on New Years Day

We proudly introduce our Yorkie Poo puppies!

These little ones wiggled into the world and into our hearts on the first day of 2016. Our pure Yorkie mom and Toy Poodle dad are mighty pleased with their 3 little girls and 1 black boy.

alt="yorkie poo puppies for sale in ontario"

They were all wrapped up, cuddly and warm, in a fleece blanket on this very chilly morning, awaiting their first photo session.  As I lifted them out of the warmth and into the little sleigh, I savoured their round eyes looking so trustingly at me.

So very pleased to let you know that they have all been chosen by their new family!  They are sold but we wanted to share their sweetness with you, our dear readers and their new owners.

Thank you so much for browsing around our blog.  Make sure you check out our “happy updates” and if you would like your dog friend, purchased from Willowbrook, to be added to our updates, please email us your photos and update.  We would love to share those with our readers.

Have a wonderful day!


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