It’s Time For Another Update!

It certainly is about time that Willowbrook gives you another update AND some fresh photographs to look at.  We’ve been happily busy . . . that’s for sure!

Our dear Maltese mom and Toy Poodle dad had a wonderful litter of Maltipoo puppies born on July 14, 2015.  Take a look!  Aren’t they sweet?  It’s even more special to announce that they have ALL been chosen by their new families and the two, adorable little ones pictured on top are going to be adopted together.  It’s so awesome they get to stay together!

alt="Maltipoo Puppies in Ontario"



We also had a beautiful litter of Malshi puppies born on July 23, 2015.  They were born to our Shih Tzu mom and our Maltese dad.  They too, have all been chosen by their new, forever families.

alt="Malshi puppies for sale in Ontario"


You may be wondering the same question that we get asked over and over again: “What is the best way to get one of your dogs since they always seem to be “SOLD”? Well, the best way really, is to just give us a call . . .  we will be most happy to take down your contact information after choosing the best breed for your family and then you will be placed on a waiting list.  When the breed of your choice is available, we will most happily contact you!

Many thanks for your interest!  Have a wonderful day!

P.S. All images are available in high resolution for print.

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