Quality, Small Breed Puppy Cuteness . . .

Good Morning!  What a lovely, summer morning with the golden light streaming through the bright green leaves and the birds chirping happily.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted, and although we don’t have any of these precious Morkie puppies available anymore (they have all been chosen) I wanted to make sure you see this adorable little one that was born on May 19th of this spring.  What a gentle, little fluffy one!  So sweet!  These puppies are well socialized and get the best care until they are ready to leave us here at Willowbrook – ready for an easy transfer into their new, forever home.

Summer is a busy season for us with the garden growing and these wagging bundles of fur needing careful attention, but we do want you to know we are not too busy for visitors or to hear from you, dear customers, on how you and your little dog are doing.  We’d love to have photos to add to our “happy updates” page.  Please contact us here.

Have a most wonderful, sunshine-filled day!

P.S. High resolution images are available for print. Please contact here.

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