We WANT Our New Families . . . (SHELTIES ARE NOW SOLD!)

Woof, woof? Are you there? We’re a beautiful Sheltie family and we are looking for our new, forever home. UPDATE on 06/01/2015: WE ALL HAVE HAPPILY FOUND A HOME!!!

Shelties For Sale in Ontario, Canada

We are loveable, playful, energetic and just the right size. A vet came out and checked us over and I heard him say that we are healthy, happy, have our shots and have been dewormed . . . we are totally ready for you.

For only $200 you will have a friend for life, many sloppy, wet kisses and someone who will always be happy to greet you when you come home.

Take a look at the “happy updates” page and there you will find other happy Sheltie owners.

Please call Willowbrook anytime, soon, as we want to be with you and get to know you.

We’re waiting with a wagging tail but we want you to know that all our comfort needs are being met with care.

Happy Woofs,

From the Shelties at Willowbrook

2 thoughts on “We WANT Our New Families . . . (SHELTIES ARE NOW SOLD!)

  1. Hello, We’re moving to Kitchener, Ontario end of June. We’re excited–leaving our condo – can finally get a dog! Our daughter was afraid of dogs at first–now she adores them. We want to get a gentle family friendly breed. I hope a Sheltie pup would love the 15 min walk to take my daughter to school each morning… šŸ™‚ We arrive first week of July. I’m a bit confused with the updates – you do have Sheltie puppies left to adopt?
    Sincerely, Christina Kahlou

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