We’re All Moving To The Same Neighbourhood!!

Usually our puppies get scattered all across this beautiful province of Ontario, but we are thrilled that this adorable group of Maltipoo siblings, born on January 26, 2015, all get to move into the SAME neighbourhood.  How awesome is that!!!

Ontario puppies Maltese x Poodle

Can you imagine these little ones on a walk with their new family when they run into each other;  tails wildly wagging, excitedly sniffing each other, and making happy little barking “hellos” . . . all in happy reunion? . . . Maybe my imagination is a little far fetched, but you never know and I am sure they will be life long friends.

Even though they were all sold before we could publicly offer them to you, we still wanted to photograph them and share their cuteness with our readers.

Willowbrook also loves to hear updates on how our puppies are adjusting to their new family, so please, feel free to send us an update  so that we can share it with everyone who loves to read our “happy updates.”

Check out our beautiful Shelties here and thank you so much for stopping by!

Have a wonderful day!

P.S. All images are available for purchase.



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