The Perfect Gift That Keeps On Giving . . .

In our opinion, a little puppy is the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

Our small breed dogs make the perfect, toasty lap or toe warmer and they will always be most happy to see you!  Can you imagine being greeted with happy, wet doggy kisses and a tail wagging wildly just for you?  Dogs are truly loving, loyal animals that will enrich your life greatly.

The nice thing about our pups is that they stay small.  They retain the look of a cute, fluffy little puppy but mature into intelligent, loving companions.

Pictured below, we have adorable Shorkies, which are a cross between a pure Shih Tzu and a pure, little Yorkie.  Born on October 19, 2014 we have three little girls (all spoken for) and two handsome little boys that are waiting for a new home this holiday season!

Shorkie puppies

Please, also check out our Morkies (we still have two little girls available) to see if any of these would be a good fit for your family.  Please don’t hesitate to call us to book an appointment to view these little ones.  We love to have dog-loving people stop by.

Thank you for viewing our website / blog and all of us at Willowbrook would like to wish everyone a wonderful, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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