A Gorgeous Autumn Day With Wagging Tails . . .

Shorkie Puppy

It was absolutely gorgeous out this morning and these adorable Shorkie (Shih Tzu x Yorkie) puppies had the time of their life enjoying the mild weather.  What fun we had!

Two of the three boys in this litter kept jumping out of the crate (so cute), making them difficult to capture (they sat still for one brief second), while the lonely, little girl  sat prim and proper all by herself allowing as many photographs as we wanted.


Once the photo session was over, the happy tails started wagging as they rolled and romped all over the lawn, following closely behind the feet of the one that cares for them each day.

They were born on August 22, 2014  to a beautiful, Shih Tzu mom and a proud Yorkie dad and as always, they are being gently cared for until they are claimed by their forever family.  A vet will check over them carefully to make sure they are as healthy as can be and then they will receive their first shots and will be dewormed.

Willowbrook looks forward to hearing from you.  We know they won’t last long!  Please feel free to check out our Sheltie Retrievers and Peekapoos.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting our blog.

2 thoughts on “A Gorgeous Autumn Day With Wagging Tails . . .

  1. Hi there I wondering if any of these adorable little guys have not been adopted yet. And how the adoption process works along with your pricing. They are all so beautiful! 🙂

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