We’ve Been So Busy . . . A Good Kind Of Busy!

This last week was so busy here at Willowbrook. Busy with finding good homes for our puppies.

The cooler weather didn’t stop anyone from calling and coming out to visit us and our adorable puppies. To update everyone, our little Morkies are gone, (we could have sold six more but didn’t have any) and, we are so pleased to let you know that Cooper has found a new home too! He truly does like children which was plain to see when he was able to connect best with the youngest one in his new family! Enjoy him! We sure did!

We do have two Shelties left from our April litter! They are a beautiful, photogenic breed that really are loyal and love to please their owners. These traits make them a joy to train and make them protective of their family. The customers who have purchased Shelties from us are very happy with their new family members and you can read some updates here.Shelties

Please give us a call if you think this breed is right for your family!

Thanks for stopping by!

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