Will YOU Love Me?

ShihPoo_Hello! My name is Cooper and I was born in August of 2013. Yup, that makes me one year old, and in case you’re wondering, I am a Shih Poo (a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Poodle). (Update 08/16/2014: Hurray! I Found A New Home!)

I’ve been living with a dear, elderly couple who love me a lot but they are in their seventies and they just can’t keep up to me anymore. I guess they don’t have the energy they used to but they have been so good to me and are sad to see me go.

It would be awesome for me to have someone who can walk me every day and play with me. I’ve been told that I am really good with children and my energy level would allow me to play with them for hours.

While I was sitting and having my photograph taken, the photographer noticed that I was calm, had a pleasant, sweet personality and was able to be quiet and listen well. I guess I am a well balanced young dog.

Also, I am neutered, have all my shots up-to-date, and am also crate trained. I’m ready for an adventure with my new family.

Please contact Willowbrook if you think I am the right fit for your family!

See you soon!

Happy wagging tail and wet kisses,

From Cooper

P.S. Also check out our new Morkie puppies and the two Shelties that are available.

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