Two MALSHI Pups Adopted Together . . .

Malshi Puppies

These two, adorable Malshi pups left Willowbrook on February 20th with Ann Marie & Mike. We heartily thank them for sending us these adorable photos and the wonderful update on how these two are doing.

“Willie and Jace are in very good health and they are so cute and adorable! We love them so much!! My husband and I are so glad we took both of them, they cuddle and play together all the time, very entertaining. Five months old and they weigh in at 5 lbs each. They are sleeping full nights and during the day they are so full of energy. After a walk in the evening they are so tired out and they get very affectionate. 

Willie is the one with the pink nose, he is very carefree. Jace is very cautious of everything. Willie and Jace are doing very well with crate training too, very smart little boys!”

Thank you, kindly, for sharing your joy with us.

Willowbrook wishes you and your family all the best with Jace and Willie.

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