Another Happy Placement Update . . .


We work hard to provide you with well cared for, healthy, little puppies that become a part of your heart and lives for many years to come. 

When one of these little puppies leave our place, we release them into the care of your hands and off they go, one by one . . . not only changing the lives of their new family but enriching their new home; providing many happy licks, wagging tails and much entertainment and laughter.

Please click here to find our latest updates on puppies purchased by our customers. 

Sheltie Dogs
Sheltie Dogs

You can read about Lola, a Malshi, and Teddy and Ruby, who are two Shelties, purchased from our happy Kennel and pictured above.  Thank you to each family for sending us the updated photos and messages on how your dogs are doing!!!!

Pictured below we have Peekapoo puppies for sale . . . looking for their new homes.  Check out the latest litter here.  One Sheltie is also available. (Update: SOLD!)

Pekingese x Poodle Puppies

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